Monday, December 21, 2015

Gone Painting

Once again I have decided to join in the madness that is The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, which has become the biggest online painting event of the year.  Eighty-eight painters from around the globe come together to revel in this hobby of ours, to encourage one another and to paint a staggering amount of lead.  

This year I plan on painting units and teams rather than painting singles figures  My two main foci will be World War II and Hasslefree Moderns.  At the moment I have 100 points worth primed, based and ready to go.

Unlike previous years I have decided to shut the blog down completely until the Challenge ends in March.  It is not unusual for me to spend 2 to 4 hours a day reading and commenting on blogs and there is no way I can manage that and turn out well painted figures. 

Because I spent so few days posting in 2015 (only 14) and so many days reading and commenting on blogs (nearly 200), I am contemplating  leaving blogger next year.  I may just set up an Artist's page on Facebook in order to track my progress as a painter.  By March I will have made my decision and will let you all know.

Because I will not be out reading blogs, comments are disabled for this post.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Pulp and Weird Wars

I completed the Jazz Musicians a few months ago, but have not had time to do a post.  So after another three month long absence, I thought it might be time to share my work again.

These figures are by Bob Murch and are 28mm.

Although I have never painted any figures for Weird Wars, I decided to see what I could put together just for fun.  This is Meinrad Moldenhauser and his zombie cat.  Figures are from Warlord and Reaper, respectively.

After completing this figure, I can understand why people become addicted to Weird Wars.  At the moment I can't afford to be distracted by a new genre, but it did get me to begin painting again and one day I may delve a little deeper.

I am participating in this years Analogue Paint Challenge and will discuss my plans in a future post.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hasslefree Moderns-Widow

I actually finished and photographed this figure some time ago and then forgot all about it.  So I thought that before I take off again I'd post the figure lest she disappear into the mist of my feeble memory.

This is Widow from Hasslefree's Modern collection.  She is 28mm and was sculpted by Kev White. The base is from Bombshell Babe, is cast in resin and was sculpted by Patrick Keith.

This was a very nice sculpt with clean lines and she was a real pleasure to paint.  

I spent much of the weekend doing research for my 101st Airborne figures and found myself gripped by the story of Operation Market Garden.  There is a lot of research readily available, a lot of action, some spectacularly bad decisions and a lot of brave men to learn about.

So I think I've made my decision on what to focus on.  Rather than paint just one army, I would like to focus on these series of battles which will allow me to paint American, British, Polish and German troops.  And yes, I will rewatch "A Bridge Too Far" with Michael Caine and Sean Connery.  

This makes two posts in a row for me and that's my limit.  I hope to post again by the end of September. However, take that promise with a grain of salt as we all know I can go without posting for much longer than that.  I will pop in from time to time to read blogs, but I won't be in every day.

I hope you all enjoy the last dregs of Summer.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Warlord British Forward Observation Officers

I recently painted up two of the British Forward Observation Officers from Warlord and I very much enjoyed the experience.  The sculpts were solid and had good detail.  I chose the FOO's as they were less stressful for a first attempt.

My main concern at the outset is simply getting the colours of the uniforms and webbing right.  

Yes, the lips are too red and they look silly, but as these are just toss off figures, I'm not worried about it.  What I want to know is what you think of the uniforms and the webbing.  Did I make any glaring errors?

My next WWII figures will be Warlord US Airborne Bazooka &80mm Light Mortar Teams.  I'm going to paint them as members of the 101st Airborne Division as I can easily find reliable information about them.  

I also have an Afrika Korps Kradschutzen Motorcycle and Sidecar.  I intend to paint the one I have by copying Leif   at The Figure Fanatic method for doing his Afrika Corps vehicles. Then I'll have to buy another one and try to copy Nicks dark version recently posted at Moiterei's bunte Welt.

I'm going to take my time before settling into one thing as reference books are expensive and I can't afford to buy loads of them.  There's no point in painting historical figures if I'm not willing to invest in learning the history.  I'm torn between German Afrika Corps, British Desert Rats, British Eastern Front and US Pacific Theatre. I can only pick one and that's not going to be an easy choice to make. 

Along with this new interest I will continue to paint Moderns and Pulp as I've no intention of giving those up. I've still to post my Jazz figures and I've a Hasslefree Modern War figure to post as well. I just had to get these up and approved of before I move onto anything new.

While I was away I noticed that I gained some new followers.  I want to let those people know that when I click on their icon in the follow box, I can't locate a link to their blogs.  If any of you are reading this, please give me a link in the comment section and I will return your follow.  

The weather here has been wretched last week so I was able to find time to post today.  I hope to post again next week, but if the weather improves, I'll put that off until things turn to crap again and I'm forced inside. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farewell for Now

I have enjoyed playing around a bit on blogger over the last couple of weeks, but as most of you know, real life does not permit me to linger long.  The Hubby and I have some new music we would like to record and I've still some painting outdoors to get done. I hope to return by the end of July, but one month often turns into two, so I shall make no promises on when I will return.

I have, however, managed to get a few pieces off the painting table this week.

This is a 28mm figure from Reaper Miniatures Deadland Noir collection and was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.

A gentleman from Lead Adventures Forum requested that I paint up a Fantasy piece for him. I agreed, but only if I had final say on the figure.  This is a 28mm heroic scale from Tale of War and was sculpted by Simon Remis.

This little gal was sent to me by Clint last year. It was a figure he got at Salute and although she doesn't look that complicated, I've had to strip the paint from her twice to get her completed.

She reminds me of myself when I was a little girl.

For quite some time now I've been knocking about the idea of painting some WWII figures. Finally, I have given in and made a few purchases.  These are British Forward Observation Officers from Bolt Action. They have plenty of detail, loads of character and should be fun to paint up.

I have also purchased from Perry Miniatures, Vickers machine gun and four crew.  As one would expect, I am quite pleased with the figures and look forward to working on them.  I'm also quite keen to paint up some German Afrika Corp figures and vehicles.  Now, I do not plan on making a switch to painting all historical figures. Rather I would like to add them to what I already do.

As my Jazz Quartet is nearly finished, they will be the first figures I post when I return,. I also have some Hasslefree figures that are nearly done and will complete those. Shortly after that, the WWII figures will be posted.

I hope all of you enjoy your summer as I intend to enjoy mine. I may wander in from time to time and say hello.  But for now, I shall say farewell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And the Winners Are....

Before we get to that I want to apologise for having missed reading some of your posts over the last few days. On Friday I spent too much time working out of doors and wound up in hospital with heat stroke.  It wasn't a big deal, they just replaced fluids with an I.V. drip and sent me home. However, it left me feeling worn out for a few days.

Now onto the point of this post!

Ray Rousell out for a night on the tiles. Photo courtesy of his missus.

1. Warbases gift voucher goes to Rodger.

2. Warstore gift voucher goes to DeanM.

3. Scenics package goes to David Bromley.

4.  Classic cars go to Styx.

5. The Queens Engineers go to Sander.

6. The Amazon gift voucher goes to Pat Hatt.

Contact me at olearyanne 4 At yahoo dot com so I can get the information necessary to get your prizes to you. 

I'd like to thank you all for answering my question regarding your favourite black and white films. The Hubby and I wanted to make a list of the best of them to watch and thanks to you, we've enough to keep us busy for weeks to come.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blog Birthday Give Away!

It's been four years since I began this blog and although I'm not around a whole lot, I have had a wonderful time getting to know you all.   To celebrate this year, I decided to do a give away as I have not done one for several years and I felt it was time.

I am well aware that the biggest supporters of this blog have come from the wargaming community and I am truly grateful to you all for accepting me into your group. Hence this give away is geared heavily towards the specific interests of historical gamers.  

I am also grateful to those non gamers/painters who have stuck with me these many years and have chosen something special for you as well.

Further this give away is limited to only people who are followers of this blog prior to the date of this post. I have absolutely no desire to grow this blog. To that end, I ask that NO LINK BACKS be created for this post.

In order to construct this give away in the best manner possible, given my budget, I asked you all some questions a few weeks ago.  Your responses were varied so I chose to purchase some gift vouchers along with some other specific items.  

Let's get on with it.

A $20.00 gift voucher from Warbases

A $20.00 gift voucher from The Warstore

Scenic package includes: Woodland Scenic Apple Trees (5.08cm-7.62cm), The Army Painter Battlefields Moss Green and Woodland Scenics Early Fall Foliage. 

Cars: A 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and a Ford Model T (both with original boxes).

From Lead Adventures Victorian Sci Fi Collection, The Queens Engineers


A $20.00 gift voucher from

Winners will be chosen from a random draw and  will be announced on June 16th.  Rules for participation are as follows.

1. Be a follower of this blog prior to the date of this post.

2. Leave a comment requesting which item(s) you would like to put your name in for.

3. In the comment section tell me what one of  your favourite black and white films is. 

One of mine is Citizen Kane by Orson Welles

Monday, June 1, 2015

On the Painting Table

After taking about two months away from painting, I picked up the brush to finish off a few pieces.  Much to my dismay I discovered that during that period I had lost some of my fine brush control skills.

Rather than muck up figures that were so near completion, I decided to work on some new figures, hoping to get things back.

After a week of painting I'm glad to say that I am now back to where I was before I took time away. Hopefully I will have at least two of the figures from the top picture completed by next week. My Jazz Musicians will take a good bit longer than that to finish.

I've included this picture to indicate scale for my friend at Da Trout Talkin Tabbies. I can't remember if I've done this for you before!

Now some of you may remember the horror I experienced last Spring when Dinosaurs invaded my garden and began attacking my rose bushes.  So as you might expect, this year I've been keeping a watchful eye on my roses and have seen no evidence of the Dino's. I thought I was safe,,,,

....until I went to water my Petunias'...

....and found the bastards had returned to plague me again this year.  Can you imagine how you would feel if one of these came at you from one of your planters? No, you can't because it hasn't happened to you.  Hopefully Kitty Fang and I can contain this infestation for another year. And if we can't, well just be careful where you walk because that may not be dog poo your stepping in.....

Remember a few weeks back when I asked you guys a load of questions?  I was hoping to tell you why I did that today, but I can't.  There's a manufacturer out there holding me up and when I hear from them, I'll let you know. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Nasty Webcrawler

When I logged onto blogger today, I found an unexpected spike in page views. Suspecting a web crawler, I checked my stats and found that I had two new ones coming in from Russia and from the Ukraine. Now this isn't unusual but these particular crawlers are coming from adult sites as indicated by the name of the link.  And no, I didn't click on the links as that would be stupid.

I had no intentions of posting today. However, in my experience, if I write a post when a crawler is going through my blog, the crawler disappears. And I want these two particular sites away from my blog.

And as I'm now stuck having to post, I thought I'd put up another figure I painted for the Analogue Painting Challenge.

This is a Modern figure from Hasslefree, is 25mm and was sculpted by Kev White.

Currently I've nine figures on the painting table and hope to post a W.I.P. photo next week. I've a new lighting rig I need to try out and I hope it works out as my old one was rather cumbersome.

I don't know if anyone else is getting hit by these particular web crawler, but if you are, never click on those links as they can damage your computer.  And no, I do not go to adult sites. Please refrain from suggesting that I do so in the comments as I will be deeply offended. These crawlers can be dangerous and I'm simply trying to warn people of a potential threat to all of us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And While I've Got You Here.....

You may be asking yourself "What does the title of that post mean?" Well, I'll tell you that later, but while I've got you here, you might as well look at a figure I painted for The Analogue Painting Challenge. It was for the Femme Fatale Duel I had with Saunder over at Modus Reg Magni Momenti.

She's 32mm, from Dark Sword and was sculpted by Tom Meier.

And now that I've got you here I need you to answer some questions for me. 

1. What is your favourite historical period and what scale do you play in? If you don't paint historicals, then what is your favourite genre and what is your preferred scale?

2. Who is your favourite manufacturer?

3. Is there a period that you don't game in yet, but would like to? If so, who makes the figures you want and in what scale?  

4. Is there a genre you would like to explore? If so, who makes the figures and at what scale?

5. What are you favourite brushes and brush sizes?

6. What paints do you prefer to use?  Is there a particular palette that is essential for most of your work? If so, what is it?

7. Is there a historical book that you would like to have? If so what is it?

8. Are there a particular set of rules you would like to have? If so what are they and where do you buy them?

9. What is your favourite colour?

10. Do you want to know why I'm asking you these question? Of course you do. But I'm not going to tell you why just yet.

Please give me your answers in the comment section. If you need time to think before you answer, feel free to do so.  

And if you're not a gamer or a painter, what is your favourite kind of tea? I'm serious, I need to know what your favourite kind of tea is.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Missing In Action

In February I began gutting our home in preparation for major renovations. As I had no one to help me, this took rather a long time and left me tired.  Work crews began arriving in late March and the first floor is now complete. This had to be done so that The Hubby can easily get from one room to another. Work continues outside where steps are being built that will accommodate The Hubby's needs.  

All of this means that I am never moving home. The Hubby simply cannot withstand a move and it is time for me to accept that. Further, The Spawn has met the man she's to marry and will wed next year.  In a few years I hope to become a grandmother and I want to be on hand to help and to watch them grow. However, the realization that I am now an immigrant is not easy. Plagued by feelings of guilt and shame, I try to make peace with myself each day.

That's quite enough for one day so I'll leave you with my last submission to the Painting Challenge. 'Da Hokey Pokey Tribe.

As it is now time to begin working in the gardens, it is unlikely that I will blog on a regular basis until June or July. I have been out and about a bit reading and commenting over the last week or so. If I have missed your post, I apologise. I plan on dropping in. reading blogs and staying in touch over the next few months. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

For Fran

As many of you know, our friend Fran is returning home to Ireland tomorrow.  I know he will miss his friends in England and that he will be missed by them.

We all wish him and his other half the best as they return to the land of Fran's birth.

This is a song the Hubby and I recorded in 2004 and it is dedicated to all Irish who are away from home.

Go n-éirí do thuras leat!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gangster Pulp and Hasslefree Modern (PICTURE HEAVY)

As these figures posted on the Analogue Challenge Hobbies Painting Blog yesterday, I'm going to keep the verbiage to a minimum. I'm rolling two separate posts into one in order to minimize the number of posts I have to do on my blog this month.

First up are the Pulp Gangsters from my Secret Santa.

This is Finn, a 25mm figure from Hasslefree sculpted by Kevin White.

Hasslefree Juveniles, scaled to 25mm and sculpted by Kevin White. (NON POINT SUBMISSION)

Thus far I have had six submissions to the Challenge as opposed to three for the same time period last year. Also I am now submitting more non-themed entries than themed Bonus entries, a goal I set for myself this year.  

With these figures I have finally cracked 100 points. 

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