Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cave Woman vs The Giant Spider

In an effort to broaden my understanding of the Pulp genre I decided to expand my painting experience beyond the realms of Sci-fi. With this piece I ventured into the exciting, action filled world of Adventure Pulp with a little diorama.

The figures are from Bombshell Babes and were sculpted by Patrick Keith. The Spider is from the Counterblast game and is an Edo Trapper. For those of you who are not aware of it, Counterblast and Bombshell Babes are the same miniature company.

For the large plants I used Aquarium plants and painted them using acrylics. The scale works quite well for over sized Jungle plants, but are a bit of a pain to do. The paint has a tendency to crack unless sealed immediately after painting.

This project took a bit of work and has left me in a bit of a painting slump. Right now I'm lazily pushing paint around on a few figures in the hopes that eventually at least one of them will be finished. It seems that many of us are in such a state at the moment. These things go in cycles and I am certain mine will pass and a flurry of activity will begin again.

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