Monday, August 11, 2014

Counterblast Rocket Rider

As part of the Sci-Fi Challenge at Reaper Miniatures Forum, I recently painted a Rocket Rider from Counterblast. Cast in resin and sculpted by Patrick Keith, the detail is crisp and the lines are gorgeous.

The palette I chose was inspired by the work of historical gamers/painters whose work I have been following for all these years.  Now I quite fancy these greens, tans and browns and anticipate using them more often in future work.

Clean and tidy brushwork was my goal with this model. Further I wanted a simple base that contrasted with the figure but did not draw attention from it. I hope I have accomplished this modest goal.

I will be a bit late making the rounds today as I stayed up rather late working on a small dio for the Challenge. In short, I'll be by when I roll out of bed this afternoon.

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