Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anne The Assassin

I painted this figure for a gent I met on the LAF who goes by the name DeafNala. She is to occupy his world as part of his epic The Last Hurrah Project, which you can find in its totality HERE.

She is to accompany a male assassin by the name of Seedy John who can be found in the Cemetery, which is currently under construction. Her name is Anne, her preferred method of killing is the garrote and her kill signature will be a potato.

She's a 32mm figure from Bombshell Babes and was sculpted by Patrick Keith.  

This is the first time I've tried to use a sheer effect on stockings and although it is not perfect, it is a step in the right direction.  Also, I used a different approach when painting her face. I worked down from the highlights into the shadows. I'm not sure if I like the effect, but I'm going to try it out for a while longer.

I can hear some of you thinking "Oh no, she's gone back to her bright colours"  Let me settle your nerves just a bit with a WIP pic of something that is currently on the painting table.

He's from Hasslefree and I'm still at the very early stage with him.  I'm custom blending my own colours for his skin tone as there is something specific I am going for here. If he turns out the way I'd like him to, I'll share the recipe. He won't be up on the blog till next week as right now, I'm sculpting a base for another figure that will post later this week.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stay Away From Me Grog!

Have you ever seen a sculpt that you just had to have? Well, when I saw this guy, I couldn't resist him, so I bought him.  It's the look in his eyes and that battle boar that grabbed me.

He's a 28mm metal figure from Reaper Miniatures and was sculpted by Jason Wiebe.

My only goal in painting him was to do it relatively quick and turn in some clean and tidy brushwork.  I didn't think he needed much as that pose is so dynamic and he's got so much attitude just like he is.

This my eighth post of the year and I'm already knackered by blogging so much. However, I've got a huge backlog of figures I haven't posted yet and new ones coming off the table now.  So on Tuesday (hopefully), I'll have a Bombshell Babe up as a change of pace. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Competing at Reaper Forums

We all know I participated in the Winter Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. What I have not talked about on Blogger is that whilst doing that, I was participating in three Painting Competitions at Reaper Forums. 

Over the last 8 months I have participated in five of their competitions and I finally earned a third place. I am not a competitive person by nature and am intensely uncomfortable around people who enjoy competing as often times it brings out the worst in human nature. The purpose of these competitions for me, is to challenge myself to learn something new and to improve my own work.

 This is the figure that I chose to submit for the Single Figure Competition. It is a 45mm BONES figure, sculpted by Jason Wiebe.  And this is the one I earned a third place with. Some of you saw this in the Analogue Painting Challenge as a non-theme submission.

The level of painting on Reaper Forums is quite high with many upper level and intermediate painters competing for the top slots.  Further, the competitions are scored by 10 judges who use professional criteria to score the entries. This makes Reaper a good place for someone like me who is a mid-level intermediate painter to improve my skills. 

One of the most important things I have learned is that judges favour clean, tidy work and good brush control over everything else.  Submitting elaborate sculpts, elaborate bases and using advanced techniques is fine, but if the piece is poorly executed, it carries no weight with the judges This is important as it forces one to focus on the fundamentals of good painting first and other aspects of competition second.  

These competitions do something else that is important for me. It tells me how good I'm NOT. It's easy to post here, where people know me and are kind. Now if that's all I did, I might think I'm all that and a bag of crisps, which would result in an ego that I don't need to be burdened with.  Further, it would halt my progress as a painter.  It might sound strange, but the experience of not winning can be very productive.

All that said, I have no intentions of competing anywhere else as I am not interested in becoming a master painter. My goal is simply to become an upper level intermediate level painter who is versatile enough to paint sculpts from a variety of genres.  Reaper Forums can help me to achieve that and I thank them for it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aetherium-It Lives!

Now this is big day for me, because I just bought my very first game. That's right, me, the person who doesn't game, who is "just a painter" got into a Kickstarter so she could not only paint the models, but play the game.  The game is called Aetherium by Anvil Eight Games and it has reached it's funding goal on Kickstarter.

Initially I got interested in the Kickstarter because our own Mike Reynolds, aka The Dark Templar helped to develop the game and has also created and overseen many of the graphic designs. At first I was only going to pledge at the $25.00 level, but I kept looking at those models and after watching a video of the game I decided to pledge at the $100.00 level.  

This is what I get at that pledge level. Some Stretch Goals have been reached, so I am getting even more than what is pictured here.

The easiest way to understand the game play is to watch this detailed demo game video filmed at Adepticon.

To find out more about the game and the Kickstarter, go HERE.  You will find that Aetherium is Europe friendly with Europe to Europe shipping. That's right, the Customs Man won't be getting a slice of this pie.

There's only 8 days left and more people are getting on board every day, so don't take too much time thinking about it.  Also, owning the game will help you decipher my AAR's later this year and that's a win-win situation for you and for me. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Studies in Brown

Previously I have discussed my desire to break away from my usual bright colours and explore different, more subdued palettes. To that end I chose to do a series of figures using only brown and to further limit that to only three shades.

32mm sculpt from Hell Dorado

32mm sculpt from Hell Dorado

32mm sculpt from Bombshell Babes

28mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures

The browns I used were from Reaper and are as follows: Chestnut Gold, Palamino Gold and Buckskin Pale. All three browns have a yellow and orange bias.  For belts and accessories I used Reaper Ruddy Brown. Painting with such a limited palette forced me to focus on brush control and to focus on contrast to gain separation between areas.  

Recently I have been going for a more stripped down look with my basing. I'd fallen into the habit of basing for display purposes, which can sometimes detract from the miniature. With the exception of the Reaper Figure, I sculpted all the bases myself.  

Currently I have 5 figures on the painting table and four of them require the use of vivid palettes, so I am not going to be giving up my colour on a permanent basis. Rather I am attempting to become a more versatile painter. And to further that end, I hope to begin work on a "Shocking Secret Project" sometime within the next two weeks.  This project is so unlike anything I've ever done before, even I am shocked by my desire to undertake it. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A New Direction

After the rush of the Analogue Painting Challenge, I enjoyed some lazy painting time. Just pushing a bit of paint around on a figure here and there until I managed to actually complete something.  Further, as a result of the Challenge I've decided to make a few changes in the type of sculpts I paint and in the palettes I use.

First up is Baron Simone LeCroix, Voodoo Master, a 28mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures.  I carved the base using Super Sculpey.

This is about as subdued a palette as one can get. A complete departure from my normal high voltage colour. The base is colourful because the design is appropriate for the subject and serves as a contrast to the figure.

This next figure is Enda, the Crazy Cat Lady. Another 28mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures. I also sculpted this base from Super Sculpey.

Yes, it's Pat, the Arse Licking Cat

My vision of Edna was of an old lady who smokes 3 packs of unfiltered Camels a day and drinks copious amounts of gin straight up.  In order to convey this, I painted her skin in a greenish-grey pallor, which I echoed in the drab green of  her skirt and in the grey on the linoleum floor.

In an effort to explore new areas in painting, I have been restocking the lead pile with Pulp Noir, Pulp Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Survivors and I've just bought my first Zombie.  The Pulp Sci-Fi will be done in bright Pulp Era colours and the some of the Steampunk will be bright.  With the other figures, I intend to work with more subdued and desaturated palettes.

Everyone have a fabulous day and if you can't do that, knock back a pint or two and tell yourself "life is good, life is good" until you believe it.

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