Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Rising of 1916

For much of its' history, Ireland was not an independent State with it's own governing body. England held dominion over Ireland from the late 12th century until the middle 20th century with the Irish people having the status of a subject class in their own country.

Over the centuries there were unsuccessful rebellions that served only to strengthen England's hold over Ireland. Following the Rebellion of 1798, the Act of Union was passed in 1800 which ended the Irish Parliament in Dublin. Ireland was formally merged with England as part of the United Kingdom. Following this, groups of Irish nationalists formed to oppose British rule. Moderate nationalists advocated home rule, under which Ireland would remain part of the United Kingdom but also have some form of self-government. A minority group of nationalists wanted an independent Republic, free of British rule.

Several home rule bills were defeated in Parliament in the late 1800s before one finally passed in 1914. However, implementation of home rule was suspended due to the outbreak of World War I. This failure to enact combined with Britain's involvement in WWI opened the door for the planning of the Easter Rising in 1916.

The Rising was organized by seven members of the Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. It integrated Cumann na mBan, along with the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army, into the ‘Army of the Irish Republic’. Patrick Pearse was appointed overall Commandant-General and James Connolly as Commandant-General of the Dublin Division.

At noon on Easter Monday 1916,  Dubliners saw columns of Irish Volunteers and ICA members marching through their city. Carrying antiquated guns or even pikes and pickaxes. Wearing colorful and flamboyant uniforms - or civilian clothes. And a number of the motley crew assembled in front of Dublin's General Post Office, listening to Patrick Pearse proclaim the "Irish Republic" by the reading of the Proclamation and declaring the existence of a Provisional Government of the Irish Republic.  A new flag of the Irish Republic was then hoisted.

The GPO was elevated to headquarters, manned under the leadership of Pearse, Connolly, the terminally ill Joseph Plunkett, the doubting The O'Rahilly, Tom Clark, Sean MacDermott and an virtually unknown but enthusiastic ADC named Michael Collins.

Other parts of the city were occupied by separate rebel detachments - Boland's Mill was claimed by Eamon de Valera for the Irish Republic, Michael Mallin and Countess Markiewicz occupied the park in St. Stephen's Green, Eamonn Ceant housing estates in South-Western Dublin, Eamonn Daley the Four Courts.

After 6 days of fighting, the Rising was suppressed, it's leaders arrested, court-martialed and executed. At the end of the fighting the death toll was as follows: 64 insurgents, 132 soldiers and police and 220 civilians. And about 1,000 people were wounded.

It seemed as if the rebellion had been a failure. On the surface it was. But more critically it changed the minds of the majority of Irish nationalists. No longer would they settle for Home Rule, they now wanted a free Republic of Ireland and this changed the course of history. Furthermore, there was no more room for apathy in Ireland.

With the courage and the sacrifice of those who continued to fight for her freedom, Ireland become a Free State in 1922 and obtained it's full sovereignty in 1949 as the Republic of Ireland.

I will be in later this afternoon as I am going to have Easter with The Hubby's family. Everyone have a good Easter Sunday.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting to know me

There are quite a few new readers of my blog so I thought it might be useful to tell them a bit about myself.

I'm Irish and I'm married to an American. We currently reside in the United States where some of the best doctors in the world can be found and where the insurance company that should be paying for my husbands care is located.  The Hubby has multiple injuries to his back and thus far has undergone three major surgeries.  We anticipate that he will have two more surgeries this year.

Together for over 25 years, we have two children. Some of you who are on Facebook with me have come to know our daughter, The Spawn. We also have a son whom we adopted when he was 8 years old. Both of his parents were drug addicts and when his mother died, his father was unable to cope. No one wanted this little boy, so we took him in and have raised him as our own. 

The last name O'Leary is my last name. I did not take the Hubby's name when we married because I refuse to give up my national identity. Although I have dual citizenship, I am and will always be, Irish.

What may not be apparent in my posts is that I am very lonely here and most of the time, very sad. The cost of living in the city is quite high so our home is located in a small rural town.  Like many small towns around the world, these people do not take kindly to outsiders and they are not in the least bit shy about letting me know that. Cultural differences can be overcome. Hatred born from ignorance cannot. So we endure.

I hope this helps me get better acquainted with some of the new people I am following and who have been kind enough to follow me in return.

Thank you.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fran the Dragon Slayer

When Francis came into the world, he came in quietly. As an infant, he rarely cried and as a boy he rarely spoke. "The lads a thinker" his mum would say. "The lads plotting revenge. Has been since the day he was born," his father would respond, beaming proudly.

When he grew into a man, Fran took up the sword, determined that one day he would be a great warrior.

Driven by an anger that simmered just beneath the surface, he charged head long into battle without regard to the odds of his winning or losing. 

There was in fact only one thing that scared Francis. And that one thing was matrimony. "Commitment. I hate that fecking word" he would say. "You won't be able to escape it forever" his friend Vinnie would reply. "Just watch me" Fran would answer. "I've gotta go kill something" and picking up his sword he'd storm out into the woods muttering under his breath "Damn women, they do my head in."

This is a 30mm figure from Dark Sword Miniatures sculpted by Tom Meier. It is part of the George RR Martin Masterworks collection and is Martin's conception of the character Bronn from the Game of Thrones.

This is the first of the Fran series. Fran will have a wolf companion named FUBAR after his own dog and I'm working on painting that for the second time now. I will also be painting up the Lancelot mounted and foot figures from Meiers Arthurian collection to represent Fran when he battles the dragon.

This is really a sad time for me as it is Easter week and I miss my home most over this particular holiday.  Doing this blog giveaway has helped to distract me from my inner feelings and have made things more bearable. So I'd like to give a sincere Thank You to all who have visited my blog over this past week.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Mutant Strain of Shinybloodyitis

A new strain of "lead fever" is being reported in several news outlets today.  Anne O'Leary, the outrageous  CEO of O'Leary Air is reported to have contracted the virus last week.  Upon hearing that the infection has spread to England, O'Leary called a Press Conference.

A drunken O'Leary staggered to the podium aided by her pet troll Guido and had this to say. "I was being treated for the normal case of shinybloodyitis, when the disease morphed into something new!" she yelled into the microphone.

After finishing her bottle of gin, she opened a bottle of wine and continued. "My doctors informed me there was only one way to get rid of this disease and that was to give away some free lead!"

Reporters from Gamer Geeks were aghast.

"Get me some Guinness!" O'Leary yelled. "This disease is highly infectious. And two gamers in England have been felled by it recently" slamming the now empty mug onto the podium she continued.  "Michael at 28mm Victorian Warfare is giving away books, painted lead and two command stands.  And Ian over at A Blog With No Name is giving away something new every day. Bloody hell, he's even giving away  £20 to spend on the lead of your choice"
After finishing her statement, O'Leary promptly passed out.
I've been having loads of fun with this and so have a lot of other people. So if you haven't entered in these two boys giveaways, you should do so promptly.
Well folks it's Thursday and where I'm at, the sun is making a much needed appearance. So if you're experiencing conditions like this where you are, get outside and make the most of it. I know I will.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You know your posts are being skimmed when...

No one notices the giant Easter Bunny on the house.

I've been guilty of skimming when I 'm in a hurry too.

How can you tell when you've been skimmed?

This is another in the "Pimp my blog series"

Gandalf the Groovy

An incomptlete manuscript written by Tolkien was recently discovered in my attic.  Somewhere between Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White, there was Gandalf the Groovy.

Scholars have already dubbed this as Gandalf's "Psychedelic Period", a time marked by the wizard's wearing of colourful attire and  his inexplicable use of the phrase "Peace man" whenever he cast a spell.

"We all know the wizard liked his pipe-weed" said Dr. Fatbottom of Oxford University in an exclusive interview. "What we have yet to discover is precisely which weed he was smoking.

Currently a panel of experts have convened at Shenanigans Pub to try to solve the "Riddle of the Weed". The dominant theory is that Gandalf may have stumbled upon a secret stash created by Tobold Hornblower for his own "personal use".

This is a 30mm figure from Dark Sword Miniatures and was sculpted by Jeff Grace. It is not sold as Gandalf, I just felt like having a bit of fun with the figure.

Okay folks it's Wednesday and it looks like my odds of getting to 80,000 pageviews anytime in the near future are slim and none. So this is what I'm going to do. I'll draw the names on Sunday and post the winners next week.

I'll still have some fun with this between now and then, so if you haven't entered you can still do so HERE.

Irish Men Overtake Ray Rousell

In a desperate bid to increase my pageviews during my giveaway I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. Yes, I'm doing another Ray post. Jesus Christ, the little weasel is blogger gold.

People are both repelled and attracted by this picture
For a long time my posts on Ray held the number one spot for pageviews with a little over 800. But not anymore, he's been beaten out by my stunningly handsome Irish nephews.
These two boys have pulled in over 1200 pageviews for their Aunty. My blog post about them titled So You Want To Meet Some Irish Men? get's hits on an almost daily basis. Women of the world arrive her by Googling  "how do I meet Irish men?" or "I want to meet a sexy Irishman" and my least favorite "I want to have a baby by an Irish man"
Yes, Irish men are better than Ray Rousell. But then Fran could have told you that in a single sentence.
Now for those of you who don't follow painting/gaming pages, posting multiple times a day in order to boost pageviews during a Prize Giveaway is normal.  You don't have to comment. I'm sure many of you sicking up in your mouth just a wee bit after looking at that picture of Ray and may be running to the loo right now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Be There a Man Amongst Ye?

The feminization of the men of the world troubles me greatly. Men are being pressured to be sensitive and discuss their feelings, to wear clothes that match, to get manicures, to watch girly movies and worst of all to pretend they don't watch porn. My blog has always encouraged the male of the species to behave like males.

But recently you've let me down boys, you've let me down.

Something is horribly wrong when I offer to paint up four sexy cowgirls and only three of you are manly enough to put your name in the draw.

Yes, it's true only three of you went over the TMP and put your hand up for "The O'Leary Girls Go Wild in the West"  Sad isn't it.? Are Fran, Ray and Sean the only real men out there?

So if you want to prove to me that you're a man and restore my faith in humanity and you're a TMP'er follow the link and say, "I want those cowgirls!".

Annes' Giveaway For Real Men

This has been another in the "Pimp My Blog Series" More to come!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Angelica Fairweather, Pirate Babe #2

Angelica was born into a household lousy with boys. With three brothers older and three brothers younger she was sorely outnumbered.

Which could explain why she became proficient as weaponry from an early age.

Determined to retain her femininity, Angelica dressed herself in bright bold colours when the family was at work on the seas.

But one day, Angelica had enough of the filth and the fighting caused by her brothers and turning her back on them, she left to join HRH and her all female crew.

Angelica is 25mm figure from Reaper Miniatures and was sculpted by Werner Klocke.

I had fun with the colour palette on this one. In case you're interested I used Citadel Ultramine on the coat, Reaper Phoenix Red on the clothes and Reaper Pale Green on the sash.

With this figure, I finally had the courage to take my highlights up to a nearly white. Now Ian saw her on Facebook and said she's wearing too many clothes. Normally I would give Ian a hard time about that, but he's having a blog giveaway and I'd really like to win some free swag.....

Well it's Monday folks and from what I can gather, the weather is shite everywhere. So stay inside and put a pot of something bubbly on the stove. I know I will.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anne's Epic Giveaway!

Giveaway fever is spreading like a contagion around the blogosphere right now. Because I've won so many of them I feel the crawling, itching need to grow my blog/spread this infection by doing my own EPIC GIVEAWAY.

In an unprecedented attempt at blog whoring, I've devised a giveaway designed to increase my pageviews/please as many people as possible. (There is an item for non-gamers/painters as well).

WHEN I HIT 80,0000 PAGEVIEWS these are the items I will be giving away.

For the 1/72 enthusiast-from Zvezda. Six samurai warriors with bases, banner, unit stand and unit card.

For the 15mm enthusiast-from Blue Moon Manufacturing. Twenty four WWI American infantry command.

For the painting enthusiast-from Tom Meier. A 54mm Scottish Highlander cast in resin.

For the readers out there-A paperback edition of Chasing the Sandman by Brandon Meyers of ABFTS fame.

The rules are as follows.

1. You must publicly follow this blog.
2. Leave a comment indicating which prize or prizes you're interested in winning (you can only win one however).
3.  Multiple comments gives you multiple entries. So if you comment 5 times on this post, you're name goes into the draw five times.
4.  Comments on THIS POST ONLY count towards the prize draw.

I will be putting up reminders with a link back to this post in future.

There's one more element to this contest and that's the TMP exclusive prize available only to TMP'ers. What is that prize you ask and how does it work? Wait about an hour after this posts and head on over there. I post under AnneOleary.  And yes, if you're a TMP'er you can enter in both prize draws. Please, please, please some of you enter that draw and help a girl out.

So push that button people and pimp my blog.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lauren Silversail, the Pirate Babe

Lauren was born a high elf but always felt constrained by the forest, her family and sometimes even her clothes.

So ditching all three, she joined HRH and her crew and set sail for adventure.

And in the process of finding adventure, she somehow lost her knickers.

Now if any of you lot out there have Lauren's knickers, you should be ashamed of yourself. The poor lass will catch her death dressed like this.

She's from Reaper Miniatures, is 25mm and was sculpted by John Winter.  This is my first Reaper figure, but it won't be my last as I think I may have found a new drug to feed my lead addiction.

Lauren has two pirate girlfriends and one of them is almost ready to come off the painting table. The other has base colours applied. I think you'll like them as the colour palettes are really unconventional.

Now for those of you who don't know, Monty won Ray's big giveaway and has transferred the prize to me. And some of you may be thinking that he did it just so I could force Rousell to paint up some foo-foo girly figures. Well, you'd be wrong. I'm sending Ray three figures only. Two of them are 1/48 scale figures from Tom Meier's Seven Years War collection and the other is a mounted knight from Meier's Arthurian collection.  So when you see Ray post those gorgeous figures, you'll have Monty to thank for that.

Well folks, it's mid March and still snowing where I'm at. If you're having trouble coping with it, try complaining about it. I know I will.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Anne O'Leary Welcomes Pope Francis I

The white plumes of smoke blossomed from the chimney's of the Sistine Chapel announcing the selection of a new Pope.

"Habemus papam" the crowed roared. Pope Francis I, the first Irishman to ever hold the Papal Seat is expected to bring long needed reform to the Church.

Anne O'Leary, CEO of O'Leary Air and longtime friend of His Holiness, called a Press Conference to welcome the new Pontiff and to answer questions about the type of reform we can expect.

"Now we all know Francis here" she yelled into the microphone. "And there's two things His Holiness likes and that's women and shagging. So I think we can expect some change that will have a positive impact in our lives."

"First off, he's hired new guards to protect his person."

 "He also got rid of that ridiculous looking Pope Mobile and replaced it with a more modern style."

"Changes are already taking place at St. Peter's in anticipation of the Easter Mass."

"And because His Holiness believes that what's good for the Pope is good for the people, he's lifted the ban on contraception."

"They'll be shagging in the streets of Dublin by dawn!" Ms. O'Leary screamed right before she passed out.

Now Francis doesn't know I've done this, but as the big fella isn't at work today, I just might get away with it. Shhhh, don't anyone tell him..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Rays Wetnurse

No moon would be seen
on this desperate night
hiding herself
from mortal men's

For a storm
with great haste
departed Heaven's Gate.

Hurled by God 
against his Host,
for lying
with women
His angels did boast

And the fruits of that labour
born by one
now lay
in his mothers arms.

"Who was this hellish child whose screams rent the night?"
                                                                                 O'Leary, Anne 03-08-13

"Took right to the nipple, he did" said Lord Rousell with pride as he watched his son feed.  "He's a lusty one."  Patting the back of Baby Ray's head, the Lady Rousell replied, "Just like his father he is,  always on the tit.  The boy's draining me dry!" she cried. "Get me a Wetnurse" she shrieked.

Many women were eager to take the job of suckling the Lord Rousell's son, but Baby Ray adamantly refused to feed from any of them. Until one day, Anna Bogna Pavlova arrived at the house. 

Baby Ray squealed with delight when Anna took him into her arms and he began eagerly rooting for the nipple. "Such a beautiful baby", Anna cooed. "You shall be like one of my own. No harm will ever come to you my little babba."

And so she guarded him day and night, warning all but his parents away.  For Anna saw something no one else did.......

She saw his future, his destiny.  And she knew that one day he would play a great role in the fate of all mankind.

This is a 30mm figure from Hell Dorado. I took so many photo's of her because of the fun details in the sculpt. The goose hanging from her belt and all that wicked cutlery really sold me on this piece.

Okay folks, it's not quite Saint Patrick's day, but what the heck, let's celebrate. 

Now don't ya wish you were Irish?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My First Army-Huzzah!

It starts as nothing more than an itch and you think you can ignore it. But it persists, becomes more insistent and relief is needed. So you hit the online stores and begin buying loads of unrelated miniatures. A little of this, a little of that. Searching, ever searching.  Your soul slowly being devoured by a need you can't yet name. You dare not name it, for the cost is high. 

Until late one night, entangled in sweat soaked sheets you are awakened by the sound of your own voice screaming "I NEED MY OWN ARMY!"  Brothers and sisters, I had just such a moment and it was hell. I didn't know what to do, where to turn. I rummaged through my lead pile finding stray Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes, High Elves, Wood Elves and Goblins. "No, no, no, no" I need something grand, something epic, something none of my friends have. And then I found it.....

My first Army.....Drake, the Garrick Army.

Would you just look at that. I haven't known what happy feels like for the last six months, now I'm ecstatic. Those dragons, those warriors and those cool beasties-all mine, all mine. My precious, my precious...

Yes, it's a Kickstarter and I've backed five of them and never felt the urge to post anything about them. But this is special, this will be my first army.  I bet you guys remember how it felt to have your first army and wasn't it grand?

There are two other Army's to choose from as well. The link for the Drake Kickstarter is HERE and any questions that you have regarding game play can be answered HERE.  Stretch goals are being reached and I've already earned three cavalry and they are now adding another force to each Army Box. More goodies for me!

Tomorrow I'll be posting Baby Ray's Wet Nurse and on Sunday I'll be doing a Saint Patrick's Day Post. So I'll be around all week.

To get you ready for Saint Patrick's Day, here's a message from Irish actor Liam Neeson.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ain't No Sunshine....

I have completed three new figures and have two new terrain pieces to photograph them in. But I have no sunshine.

And without sunshine I cannot get proper photograph of my completed work. Yes, I'm aware that there are tutorials available on how to photograph indoors in less than ideal light. I have read them and thus far have been unable to get good results. I will not post my figures unless they can be shown in a way that satisfies me.

Last year after I began painting, I had to make a decision. Was I going to completely join the painting/gaming community or would I try to occupy two worlds? I chose to embrace the painting/gaming community and I cannot go back.  I no longer enjoy blogging about anything but the hobby I have come to love.

Therefor, I will not be posting again until I can photograph my completed work. This could be one week or it could be two weeks.  You'll know I'm coming back because I will begin to comment in earnest 2 to 3 days prior to my next post.

Now onto something fun. There is a Giveaway over at The Happy Whisks place!  She has posted her 444th post and is doing a Bundle Giveaway. What is she giving away you ask? Click on the link to find out.

You folks have a great week. Me, I'm off to paint some sexy Pirate Babes and then get a little shut-eye.
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