Monday, February 25, 2013

Lord Ray Himself

Every inch the aristocrat, Lord Ray enjoyed nothing more than looking down his nose at the people around him.
"They all wish they were me" he thought to himself at least one hundred times a day.

The only other thought that could compete with that one was "Oh yeah baby, you know you want some of this" And then he'd sneer in a way he believed to be quite sexy.

Yes, it seemed as if Lord Ray was the master of his own tiny world.

This is a 30mm figure from Dark Sword Miniatures and was sculpted by Jeff Grace. This figure is from the George RR Martin Masterwork Series and is actually a figure of Theon Greyjoy from A Game Of Thrones. This series of sculpts has nothing to do with the television show, but is based entirely on Martins vision of the characters.

I know, I know this is an awfully nice sculpt to be wasting on Rousell. Just remember that the next time the little weasel insults me.

Okay folks this makes 6 posts in a row for me and that means I'm going to disappear from Bloggerland for a while.  I'll be commenting today, but don't expect to see me around again until March 4th or 5th.

Have a great week everyone. I know I will.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Updates and a Rant

The St. Patricks Day goods have hit the shelves in the USA and I'm about as happy as this badger...

Really, green mohawk wigs, kiss me I'm Irish t-shirts and leprechauns as far as the eye can see. We do not have pots-of-gold coming out our arses and we have no luck at all. Please, please people open a history book.

Onto the updates. The final two figures for "Suzie Swagger and the Zombie Apocalypse" have base colours on them. I need to build three pieces of terrain and then it's done and ready to post.

I'm closing in on "The Wyrm of Connemara"  Lord Ray Himself is going to post on Monday. I've got some pieces that have given me fits. Sir Michael is going into paint stripper for the fourth time.  The next time around, I will nail it.

Fran the Dragon Slayer is painted, but I can't get the arms to stay on it. So I'm swapping it out for a different piece sculpted by Tom Meier. There are two other figures for him that are from Tom's Arthurian collection. I'm using Lancelot on foot and Lancelot mounted for the scenes where Fran battles the dragon.  I have yet to begin The Sainted Mrs. Awdry. And I have yet to begin my Dragon.

Well it's Saturday folks and that means I'm sleeping in so this is on Autopost. Hopefully I'll feel less like this fecking badger when I wake up and visit your blogs.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm Sorry Francis.....

Being a female makes this especially difficult, being an Irish female makes it a crime against Nature. But I have to do this, I have to say "I was wrong".  It was all a misunderstanding you see, and really it was his fault. When Fran wrote the post dedicating the Ogress to me he said "and you can name her Anne"  The thing had blonde hair and I thought he meant to call it "Anne" by name. I spent the better part of the night looking at myself in the mirror and thinking "Christ, I'm getting old, but do I really look that bad?"

Now if he'd only written "Anne, you can name her" I wouldn't be in this mess.

And to help me get out of it here's Pamela Sue Anderson.

And to make me feel even worse, I find out that Francis hasn't been sleeping well because he's now the proud Daddy of a flock of baby chicks and those babies are keeping him up nights. 

I'm a bad person and I'm going to Hell. It's Lent and I can't eat a doughnut until Easter. I just had to tell a man I was wrong. Please somebody, just shoot me.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lord Rays Privy

Lord Ray, was fastidious as a child. Proud of his fine clothes, he was always careful when he took a meal, tucking a bib into his shirt lest it should get a crumb of food on it. It was a terrible shame then when he was struck with the condition known as "Malicious Bowelitis".  This condition plagued the Rousell men and didn't show itself until they came of age. Ray certainly hoped the gene would skip his generation-but it was not to be.

On the morning of his 13th birthday, a terrible scream could be heard coming from his bedroom. Within minutes all the upstairs help was running out the front door of the Manor with their hands covering their noses. A powerful stench so foul it caused some to vomit, followed in their wake.

The family had no choice but to build an outdoor privy deep in the woods for Ray, lest the odour of his morning "movements" render the entire household unconscious.

A local peasant who had lost the ability to taste and to smell was hired to guard the privy when Ray needed to use it.

He would remain in Lord Rays service for his entire life for as Ray grew, so did his odour.

I added a close-up of the face as I think it turned out pretty well. I wanted to give the figure a bit of a "wild-eyed"  look.

This is a 28mm sculpt from Hell Dorado and I'm really enjoying painting their figures.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, my fellow Irish person,  Francis Lee apparently lost his mind. For on his page is a hideous Ogress that he put a blonde wig on and named Anne. You can find the offending post HERE. Will I get even with him or will I strike him down with Irish guilt?  Only time will tell.

Well folks it's Friday and the end of a long week. So have a laugh at someone elses expense and if that fails, have one at yourself. I know I did.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Grandaddy of all Zombies

There had to be a first zombie before there were hordes of zombies and what you're looking at today is that very first zombie. This guy is for "Suzy Swagger and the Zombie Apocalypse"

I free hand painted the eyeball and I think it turned out pretty well.

This was fairly easy to paint as it was done mainly using Reapers Face Wash and Reaper Caucasian Flesh and Tusk Ivory for skin tones.

This is a 28mm sculpt from Alien Dungeon's Fanticide Collection.

All but two figures for the Suzy Swagger story are painted. I am waiting for those to come from FRP Games. Is anyone having any trouble with FRP as the order is late and they are not responding to phone calls or emails?

In the meantime I'm currently painting the Lord Ray figures for "The Wyrm of Connemara" Lord Rays Privy will post on Friday. I am nearly done painting Lord Ray Himself and I have begun work on Baby Ray and his Wet Nurse. 

Now I've been horribly depressed lately and Ray is being kind enough to allow me take the piss out of him with these upcoming posts to help cheer me up.  So I say "Thank you Ray for putting a wee smile on my face."

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thanos The Blacksmith

When Thanos was born, his mother thought she'd never get a moments rest for he was an inquisitive child with a busy mind and busy hands.  By the time he was two, Thanos had taught himself to read and by the time he was five he was taking clocks apart and putting them back together again. "I must know how things work, Momma," he would say.  When he grew into a man, he volunteered to do service in the Kings Army. It was here that he developed his love for weaponry.

After a short apprenticeship, Thanos opened his own smithy.

He had an affinity with the steel, an understanding of how it wanted to be shaped. Each blade that left his anvil had it's own personality perfectly matched to that of the man who would one day wield it.

There was one sword that made him famous, the one that became the stuff of legends, the one that could cleave the head off a dragon with a single stroke. During the making of this sword Thanos was heard to speak these words as he labored to bring this blade to life "You, I will make sing with the voice of an angel. For to you, I give my life ten times over."  And to this day, that sword hangs still in utter perfection somewhere in the mountains of Connemara. It is said that when the wind blows in from the West, she can be heard crying at the loss of her maker.

This figure is a 28mm sculpt from Wayland Miniatures

I am going to be doing a Progress Report on both of my projects to let people know where I'm at with their figures.  Some of them have been giving me fits!!

Well folks it's Friday and unfortunately it's still Winter. So bundle up, drink a hot toddy and think warm thoughts. I know I will.

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