Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mini Me

I know what you're thinking "Jesus Christ, one of her is bad enough, there's no way in hell we could take two of her. Not even if the other one was a midget like in that feckin' movie."  And I would say this "I agree with that sentiment. If there were two of me, I'd have to kill the other one and I don't think I'd look good in prison orange. It's just not my colour."

So what in the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about a make-believe me as a painted miniature in a make-believe world called Franonia that is ruled by the dictator Fran (aka The Angry Lurker).  If you follow Angry then you're aware that he's building his own world over at his place. Well as soon as I saw that first post I said to myself "Anne you've just got to become a citizen of Franonia."  So thinking that two women coming at Angry would be better than just one, me and fellow blogger The Whisk asked if we could be part of Franonia. He said yes and painted a figure for both of us and mailed them to me. I got them in the post on Monday.

That's me on the right and The Whisk on the left. As we had a sunny day, I photographed these outside under my tree. Aren't we sexy?  We can lure the enemy into Franonia and then the Marines can pick just pick them off at their leisure.

And this is us from behind. Be careful boys because I'm hiding a gun behind my back and I'm not afraid to use it.

I have to admit that getting this figure made me very happy and I wanted to put her somehwere special.

So I'm keeping her on my music stand in front of my drums where I can see her while I play.  

And I think she goes well with the roses I have on my bass drum.  

Now that I've actually held a figure in my hands, I'm even more excited about painting my own.  I ordered my brushes, Kalinski sables in sizes 4/0, 3/0, 2/0 0/0 and 1.  If any of you gamers think I need another size, let me know what it is, because 1 was the largest they had.  I also bought 2 figures from CoolMiniOrNot. I got a female warrior and a male warrior at a very low price and these will be my practice pieces.  

Normally I get sick to my stomach when I spend money on myself, but I didn't feel guilty about buying this stuff. So I decided "What the hell, I really want those frog figures from Dark Sword Miniatures and I'm happy, so why not?"  I'm getting the Frog Jester, The Frog Master of the Hunt and The Frog Dragon Slayer.  

I have however managed to distract the Hubby from how much I'm going to be spending when buying the rest of my supplies. I told him to go buy himself a new laptop computer and he did.  Now I have all the leeway I need for my new addiction.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spiders On Drugs

When I first started blogging, expectations were low, they were so feckin' low that there were none. Just like there were no followers.  Those were my wild west days, I did what I wanted, when I wanted.  If I found something funny on Youtube at 2:00 a.m. I'd slam it up here hit publish then go to bed with a smile on my face.

So in that spirit, I'd like to present "Spiders on Drugs"

That was feckin' funny now wasn't it?

Eventually I followed people. First came those wacky bastards at A Beer For The Shower and after that came Angry. I homed in on the big Irishman like a migrating pigeon looking for home and have been pecking away at him ever since (he's out of town today and won't read this haha).

Since then I've had the privilege of meeting some terrific people like MatthewDezPatBerserculesD4Ray and "L" .  This is the core group of people that I really write for because we've followed each other consistently for months now and I feel as if I've come to know them as people.  I really hope none of you become the crack spiders bitch because that would just be sad.

And now, I'm off to the Land of Nod.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Play Make-Believe

I've spent the last 3 days drinking heavily and living like an animal behind my kit. Christ, I wouldn't have eaten if the Hubby hadn't thrown raw meat into the drum room twice a day.  I just caught it like a seal and kept on playing. It was grand.

I did come out long enough to finish some drawings for my make-believe world of whimsy's.  

This is Whisk the fairy and she's named after my fellow blogger The Happy Whisk.  She's cute isn't she.

Here's a crop-out to show detail.  And since I now have two fairies, I needed to give them a place to live.

And since they're flower fairies, I painted them a house inside a flower garden.

This is a crop out to show a close-up of the little house for them to live in.

I did an impressionist style of painting using chalk to make each one of the flowers. I've never done anything like this before and wasn't sure if I could do it.  Actually, I've never even painted anything up until two months ago and haven't drawn anything since I was about 17 years old.

These pieces take a long time to do and because they take so long, I'm going to have fun while doing it.  I'm creating my own little make-believe world and am in the process of asking some of my long-time fellow bloggers if they'll allow me to name some of the characters after them.

Right now I'm working on a beautiful turquoise dragon and I'll post him when I'm done and tell you which blogger he's named after.

Now for some brief business. For those of you who post for an 8:00 a.m. American readership, I post at 4:00 a.m. your time and the Hubby has his doctor appointments in the morning so I won't be making it to your blogs until 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. your time on some days.  Take no offense.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Blogger Is Burned Out

Jesus Christ, but I'm burned out. I'm so feckin' burned out, I'm crispy fried. It's not like I've run out of idea, I'm just to lazy right now to bother to execute them. And there's only one cure for this kind of potentially hazardous situation. And that's to stay the feck off of Blogger for a little while.

 So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna beat the living hell out of my drums until Wednesday.

Who knows, I may crawl up inside my bass and live there for the next few days. For fucks sake,  I'm only 5'1" and my bass is 26", I think I can do it. I thought I was 5'2" but it seems I've shrunk recently....

I'll be playing with the Hubby today (music ya filthy minded gobshites. If I'd have meant shagging, I'd have said shagging). But I'll be around later today to comment. As for Monday and Tuesday, who the hell knows....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Once Upon A Time Ago...

Yesterday was the anniversary of my first husbands death. I was married once before to a man who was my first love, whom I met when I was 16 years old. We married when I was 19 years of age and no, we did not "have" to get married, we married for love.  His name was Bobby and he was a deep sea welder and he loved his work, it defined him.

Being the good Catholic girl that I was, I gave birth to our son a year later. His name was Christopher. Christopher was born with a single chamber heart and died three days after coming into this world. We were devastated. Less than a month later, while working on an oil rig there was an explosion and Bobby was killed instantly. There were no remains to be shipped home.

Yesterday I Remembered

Gently, I sideways slip
on naked feet
 to dance
through fields of shattered glass.

I stayed for a time
so short
then with bloodied prints
I left the Past

But I will not end this post on a meloncholy note. Rather, I'll leave it with something that makes me happy. Art.

I painted this using ArtRage, using the full version which I actually paid for. I hate to spend money and the Hubby likes to say "My wife is so frugal she can squeeze a dollar till the eagle screams". But this program was worth it. 

This is a crop out to show detail. This painting took me four days to complete and I had a grand time doing it. She goes with my castle, but I don't have a name for her yet. I'm going to paint a forest for her and some other whimsical characters to live in. 

Painful things do not have to steal the joy from your life. You just have to get up every day and move forward.

Have a fabulous weekend. I'm alive, you're alive so let us celebrate it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jaysus, They've Written A Song About My Airline

So there I was, looking about on the Youtube for somethin' to watch and I come across this bloody video, and they're singing a song called "Cheap Flights"  Well, I'm tellin' ya, I don't care what those gobshites say, this feckin' songs about me.

And if there's any doubt that this song is about O'Leary Airs cheap, no frills flights, just wait for the chorus. Christ Almighty, it's like these feckers have read my blog.

And they've even been so kind as to put subtitles in the video for those of you who lack the refined ear that's required to understand the Irish accent.

 The song is  catchy too. This chorus will be just as stuck inside your head as you'd be if you didn't have the cash to pay to visit the loo on one of my flights. And after you listen to the whole (yes, whole) song, I wanna know "Should I call my legal team or is this just another opportunity for me to get free advertising for my airline?"

Monday, February 13, 2012

O'Leary To Open Hub In Southern United States?

Speculation has begun that Anne O'Leary, CEO of O'Leary Air is planning to extend the reach of her imaginary airline to include flights from Dublin to the United States.

Jim Bedwetter, a reporter for Inslide Business, spotted Ms. O'Leary in South Carolina in the company of a man known only by the name "Barfly" .  When Jim approached the two, a clearly inebriated O'Leary yelled "I'm on holiday. It's a cultural exchange so feck off!" Barfly kicked Jim in the groin and the two jumped into a pickup truck and drove to an undisclosed location.

From a van parked across the street, undercover agents were able to pick up this conversation from inside the house. "Yehaaww another left turn" O'Leary yelled. "That's right Anne, this is NASCAR, they go 'round in circles till somebody wins. Hopefully somebody will crash before that happens."

"How about some jello shots to go with that rum Anne?"  Barfly yelled. "Fer fucks sake, what are ya waiting for, serve 'em up!"  Ms. O'Leary then downed 5 jello shots and yelled "What's next?"  A clearly drunken Barfly responded with "I'm going to take you shopping, little lady!"

As soon as agents saw the two approach a local gun shop, a 911 was sent out to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  After emerging from the store with what can best be described as "a whole lot of heavy weaponry" agents heard Ms. O'Leary yell "Teach me about American football Barfly!"
"Anne, college football is where it's at. The Tennessee VOLS are my favorite team!" Barfly yelled. "Yer kidding me? How can voles play football, their rodents for Christ's sake?"  Ms. O'Leary shouted. "No ya eejit, I mean VOLS as in V-O-L-S" Barfly screamed. "These guys are hot, look at those tight pants and those broad shoulders. I love this game!" O'Leary yelled.  "Time to grill up some roadkill Anne" said Barfly.

Agents positioned on a grassy knoll observed the two while they ate all manner of critters and consumed massive amounts of alcohol. It appeared as if this was indeed nothing more than a cultural exchange.

"It looks like we finally shook off those peckerheads Barfly"  said a clearly relieved O'Leary. "Yeah we sure took the mickey out of those gobshites, didn't we Anne" Barfly laughed.  "Here's to a long and fruitful, financially lucrative, cash under the table, future between our two countries!" exclaimed O'Leary, then disappeared into her waiting limo.

As her plane was taking off the sound of a drunken "Boy Howdy!" could be heard all along the tarmac.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wish You Were Here

Although I am cutting back on blogging, sometimes there are things that just have to be said.  This is a special post for my dear friend, Steve.

After our brief chat on Friday, I was reminded once again, of how very much I miss you. I miss our conversions both silly and serious, the way you got me through dreary days, the way you helped me find things inside myself that I didn't know were there and the way you made me laugh.

I miss you dear one.

I remember our conversation, one that occurred in the wee hours about Floyd. You were up writing and I couldn't sleep and we hopscotched from one topic to another.

To champagne and strawberries in Soho.
From your little morning glory, Anne

Friday, February 10, 2012

Amazing Grace

When one is enduring long-term suffering, the weight can, at times seem unbearable.  Days can be long and dreary and hope a long-forgotten dream. But it doesn't have to be like that every minute of every day.  It is possible, in the face of adversity to dig down deep within yourself and find something you didn't know was there. Something that can pull you up and above the pain of living and bring you into a place of perfect contentment.

Today I have chosen to post the song "Amazing Grace" as performed by me and Hubby.  It is by grace, I believe, that we are able to find ease in the midst of hardship. I admit to being a tad bit nervous about posting this song because today I'm doing the vocals. So be nice!!

Some of you have heard my niece sing before and we sound very much alike, but my voice is a bit deeper or more bluesy than hers. I'm doing vocals, drums and percussion. The Hubby is on guitar, bass and everything else you hear.

So take a minute and think about those things that can bring you contentment today and try to put aside whatever is weighing you down.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Day We'll Live Like Protestants

Rumors have been circulating that Anne O'Leary, CEO of O'Leary Air stopped drinking long enough to write her memoirs.

Intrepid reporter, Jim Bedwetter with the Business Inslider approached Ms. O'Leary as she made her way towards Shenanigans Pub in Limerick earlier today.

When asked if she had indeed written her memoirs, O'Leary kneed Jim in the groin and had this to say.  "Times are tough, and my imaginary airline can't turn a profit while throwing money away on expensive advertising. The way I've got it figured, I can earn a profit on my book and advertise my cheap no frills flights at the same time. Now that's the kind of business that makes sense to me,"

My book, "One Day We'll Live Like Protestants" tells the inspiring story of a Catholic farm girl and her dreams to escape the shame of abject poverty.

I was so poor when I was born, that I couldn't afford parents. So the raising of me was left to my Gran Rosie O'Leary. "Ah Jaysus, Anne" she'd say to me "but you were born angry"  I realize now that I must have known that Bertie Ahern would one day become a politician and destroy the economy of Ireland.

Gran used to tell me she always knew when I'd gotten up in the morning, by the sound of my growling as I came down the steps.  "I never knew a child to be as pissed off as you Anne" she'd say to me. I realize now that I must have known that the European Union would one day destroy the economy of all of Europe.

Why I was so poor and so angry that the only child that would play with me was a boy named Michael. Oh and we had some grand times, we did.  We spent much of our time wondering what it would be like to be Protestants and imagined a life where we had toilet paper to wipe our arses with instead of newspaper.

We used to spend the day, roaming around seeing how the other half lived. We loved nothing more than to watch them at play in their native habitats, imagining what it would be like to waste so much money hitting a little ball around a piece o' green into a hole in the ground.

This one golf course that we liked to visit had a Fine Dining establishment on the premises. One day, after stealing golf balls and getting ourselves full of mud, we came in right through the front door of one of those restaurants and ran out through the back kitchen yelling while the chef chased us out into the alley.  It was a great day, that one was.

And as I grew older the coppers got to know their way to my Grans house pretty well. One day, just as a joke, mind ya, me and Michael put one those cop cars up on cement blocks with its back wheels just off the pavement. Then we got some cardboard and some lighter fluid and started just a wee fire in an alley crossways to see what would happen. We were just curious, not meaning any harm. Well, things didn't turn out very well for us on that day I'm tellin' ya. 

Had it not been for a visit to my Cousin Margie in the States, my life would have been nothing more than a long series of acts of vandalism and traffic citations.   

I stood there watching all those poor bastards load cart after cart of luggage into the cargo of that plane just knowing that the customers weren't paying for that service and I said to myself  "I can do that better, cheaper and more reliably than those feckers ever could."  When I came home from that trip, I told my friend Michael, right there and then that "One Day We'll Live Like Protestants"

Now to you hooligans that are up early posting at around the same time I do. I'm gonna be late today, I've got an appointment early and won't be back till afternoon. I'll see you then.

Everyone have a great day.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wargamers Are True Gentleman

In the post-feminist world of today, it is a rare thing to be treated like a lady.  It seems that when we women got rid of the bad, we threw a great deal of the good out along with it. Many women today are offended when a man holds a door open for us, when a man pulls out our chair for us when we go to dinner or when a man stands when we enter a room.  The rhetoric is that these things demean us in some way. I disagree. These things elevate us as women. 

I had a career and I'm bawdy, yet I still like being treated like a lady. I like it when a man behaves as a gentleman. Yes I'm very out of touch with todays "modern" woman. But I don't care.

I follow quite a few wargaming blogs here. And across the board, these men treat me like a lady when I visit their pages. Many of them put the words "We'd like to welcome Anne O'Leary to our page" on their blog after I follow them. And then they add me to their blog roll.  They have held the door open for me, they have pulled out the chair and they have stood when I enter the room. They behave as gentleman do. And I am grateful.

Last week Ray from Don't Throw A 1 made a flag for me and for a friend of mine The Happy Whisk. We agree that we are both lucky women. This is my flag.

This flag represents a couple of things about me. I'm married to an American, I'm Irish and I'm a drummer. Ray managed to get all of that into one flag and I love it.  Now, what does a woman who has her own flag need?

That's right, she needs a castle.  I painted this topsy-turvy castle using ArtRage. My Corel Painter free trial expired, so I downloaded a free trial version of ArtRage and used it.

Here is a crop-out to show detail. This painting took 4 days to complete and it was fun to do. After I finished it I thought to myself "Anne, you need to get an award for supporting wargame pages."  Well Jesus Christ, I have a flag and I own a castle, why don't I just make an award and give it to myself. So I did.

I've just given myself the "Wargame Fangirl Award".  I combined my castle with Rays flag to make this badge and it's going to sit up at the top of my page from now on with my translator underneath it.

Now to all you wargamers out there. My son just moved out so that means I have space, space to paint figures in. I'm trying to decide what figures I want to start with and I'm leaning towards a horse regiment. It's going to take me a little time because this stuff is expensive and these doctors in the States expect me to pay them (shocking, I know). So I may need advice from some of you. If any of you know of a good page with tutorials, let me know.

Thank you Ray!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Going To Get Irish Around Here

It seems I've been too busy to feckin' post anything this past week and some of you might be wondering where in bloody hell I've been. Well I'm not gonna tell ya. You might be wondering "Why isn't she telling us why?"  And I would answer "It's because I'm Irish and when the shit really hits that fan, we tend to clam up."

And because I'm feeling particularly Irish right now, I'm going to present you with an Irish stand-up comedian by the name of Dylan Moran, knowing full well that many of you won't understand a word he says, because he has an Irish accent. And to make it even harder to understand, Dylan's talking about something very Irishy; the differences between Catholics and Protestants.

If you understood him, that's grand. If you didn't, let me know and I'll send a translator over to your house to paint your house and drink all your liquor.

I'll be back to commenting on pages tonight and tomorrow and I'll be getting in touch with some of you privately via DM or e-mail before Monday to tell you where I've been. 

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