Monday, January 2, 2012

Falling In Lust

It's a primal response, lust. Who amongst us can say they've never indulged in a five minute fantasy when this particular emotion comes calling?  I have such moments and with no intention of following through, I allow my mind to go a' wandering.

My Mind Goes A'  Wandering

Across the space
                                                                              you sit
spread kneed, jeans pulled tight
into vectored angles.

my eyes explore the denim 
worn in all the right place and
my mind goes a'wandering
zippered paths whose teath
feel cold against mine.

Your tongue
forms questions
                                                                           and mine
responds in answeres innocent.

We talk
of things past and present,
then you lean back
                                                                        hands behind head
and my mind goes a'wandering
through a tangle of sheets, of hair
                                                                          of limbs
sweat soaked, entwined.

Reality, rent
I return to tenses present
and from behind veiled eyes say


  1. i couldn't grasp the full meaning of your work there but what i could get was enough to make me understand the basic message and i guess i can see what you are trying to convey, and i guess its true. Lust is within us all, no matter how we may try to cover it up.

  2. Oh, and btw, Im following this blog in hope of more works like this. You better not disappoint me!

  3. Love this. So sexy. The imagery is wonderful.

  4. wonderful use of imagery there, @Mynx said it best. Thanks anne for the comment. glad to see people on here care! Recovery wont be too long since my legs were fine. Just had real bad short term memory lately, doctors say it should go away. very strange, during lunch today i had to ask what i ate for breakfast. :(, Love ya!

  5. @Anonymous, I love that, anonymous is your profile name. Very cheeky.
    @Mynx thank you. I hope the temp's have come down for you over there. And no more spiders in the shed.

    @Socom It's good to have you back. Jesus you're lucky that you didn't lose any spinal function. You'll have to start writing things down on post-its for awhile I think. Be well!

  6. Wow Anne, I'm pretty surprised to see you posting poetry a lot more but I'm not complaining at all, you have a wonderful way with lyrics. Just like Anonymouse I'm hoping for a lot more blogs with poetry in it, this is amazingly beautiful, I love it.

  7. @Matthew, I've got another one clanging around in my head. If it manages to break free, I'll post it. Thanks Matthew.

  8. Oh what are we to do, the poet is surely flowing out of you. Very true as well, we've all had that kind of hmmm experience, unfortantley many are short sighted and act on it, then whine and complain when everything goes down the crapper.

  9. Wow. This is so sexy. You're really good at this, Anne. ;-)

  10. Dammit Anne,
    I just exchanged those pants that were too tight when I was reading you sex before Jazz post for a larger pair, and now these are tight too? What the hell gives?

  11. I'm not a big fan of poetry but this is beautiful. Well done!

    And congrats on your victory! Ya fekkin Irish witch!

    Just kidding, you deserve it! I'm happy for you!

  12. @Pat I'm reading you and Brian and am getting inspired to write again. It's been years. The only time I've ever acted on it was with Hubby and that's lasted 22 years.

    @B thank you.

    @Barfly glad to be of service to ya. Did you get my comment about tagging you later this week for a blog?

    @Workingdan, haha, I have magical powers. On another note though, how are you doing? I've been thinking about you and hope to see you post something soon.

  13. oh, somebody really should smooch me right now... the French way off course!

  14. I did Anne, and I appreciate that. I'm not sure what to look for, so if I don't react it's because I'm ignorant (ignernt in the south) .

    Did you ever get my tweet the other day?

  15. umm my profile name isnt anonymous its Annoymouse which is a bit hard to explain why but, what the heck. Can you please send me a link to that video you posted? I'm interested in hearing it :D

  16. @Dez I'll send you a tweet in French. Will that help?

    @Barfly I'm planning it for Wednesday and it will have your name on it. You won't miss it, ya Southern bastard ya.

    @annoymouse, so it is. My brain saw the first part and autofilled in the rest. I'll give you the link on your page.

    @Betsy, Thank you for visiting my page. I'm so pleased to see you here!

  17. ever notice how much creepier a pic of eyes looks if ther is two of em...

  18. I'm not 100% sure if the visual layout was done on purpose, but it works so well. The rest of it though, it makes my wandering moments seem more poetic than I would've thought them to be. Very nice.

  19. Lol too many times.
    My mind goes a wanderin
    more than a 18 year old's ever should xD
    Great poem!!!

  20. "I return to tenses present", great metaphor!
    nice writing, as always :D

  21. @Bart I know. Two eyes are so 2011. Completely out of fashion. I'm having one of mine removed.

    @D4 the layout was done as an homage to Octavio Paz, one of my favorite poets.

    @Punk I'm doing that post you tagged me for on Wednesday. I hope you like i!

    @Vulcan, thank you so much.

  22. Another beautiful poem, sis. I hope you post more. I love reading them! Love and purrs from me and Topaz.

  23. oooh I like it Anne! I like your whole blog actually. But the imagery in this was amazing. Great job!

    - Ash

  24. Very interesting, not really a huge fan of poetry but it did make me think.

    Nice blog :)

  25. Damn it just got hot in here! That is a super sexy amazing poem..... I am off to take a cold shower and to steer clear of any denim...

  26. Very good poem its almost like reading one of Pat Hatt's poems

  27. @Michelle,I thhink there's a few more in me. Thanksfor the support. Love you petal. Prrs to Topaz!

    @My2Pesos thanks!

    @Ash, thanks for stopping by. Been doing any dancing in the cold lately? Congrats on the win!

    @Stormy I'm sorry to hear that. There's music in it and imagery to convey the concrete. Quite useful writing tool.

  28. @Interwebs Fails Thanks!

    @Steve, then I've done my job well. Get in that shower and cool down before ya blow a gasket (pun intended).

    @Baur now go tell the cat you said that. I mean it, go tell him. That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten.

  29. My Tongue never did a "question" yet. But I prefer
    to do the entire alphabet. lol my girl don't make it past the letter "H". Then its my turn yay.

  30. @Jerzey hey at least you get her there. Most men couldn't be bothered.

  31. Woah, this poem definitely captures my mind pretty well.

  32. Very cool poem. Very introspective....

    Also, if I'm from and am currently living in Ireland do I get to slag it off? I mean really, we've got a lot to slag.......

  33. This is really well done. I love it. As D4 mentioned, the spacing is brilliant. Also, thanks for reminding me that I suck at poetry.

  34. and i go take a cold shower....hehe...nice...the cold zipper teeth on write for sure...its good to have agreat imagination eh? smiles....

  35. I suppose we can start there. XO

  36. Inspiring stuff. I'm certain this would give Shakespeare a Boner.

  37. I did experience a moment of lust once.
    Then they made me leave church.

  38. Great poem Anne! Definitely rings true for me, esp. the ending.

    We've all been there, eh? I fantasize about other women a lot more than I should. i've thought about un-friending one of them on Facebook just so I wouldn't have to look at her. But I'm going to give self-control a try. :)

  39. Oh, I called someone else Anne on my blog in the comments, does that count as fantasizing????

  40. Beautiful :) You just brightened my day :)


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