Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Love Before Jazz

Remember those times, early in a relationship? Those times when as lovers you lost yourselves in each other, those days spent in idle bliss, those days that seemed to stretch ever onward? I do. And then my husband and I had a child. That child's name is Jazz. I wrote this poem in memory of those days before the birth of our daughter.

Before Jazz
Sepia memories edgewise slip
past days piled high
like laundry into years.

Before Jazz, you,
with your *Flamenco smile
proposed a marriage consummate with myth
and nodding mounted my assent.

In days early
while sleeping late,
time in limbo waited
among a detritus of desire,
entangled we lay

Your tongue cuneiform traced
against sibilant skin
and with patterns cunning
wove a life.

With reptilian need,
we clutched flingertips
callused from too much play
and spent ouselves in time.

Anne O'Leary

*Flamenco=a reference to jazz musician Miles Davis.


  1. w-w-whaaat the fuck, p-p-poetry sucks i made a rhyme tee hee heeeeeee

  2. @Anon, Bloody hell, I don't know if you're even worth Guido's trouble. I'll review your case and make a decision later.

  3. This is lovely and I almost remember those days. They will return though. I am certain of that

  4. Can't wait to experience those ays, making a note to never forget them. Life passes so quickly, from one stage to another. I'm entering college next year so I know how it feels. Both feet in I suppose.

    I never knew you could write poems! You're incredible! Why don't you do more of this stuff?

  5. Love "detritus of desire" and that last stanza.

    I remember the early days of my relationship with Rob. We didn't even have a child and those days simply faded into something else.

  6. I think I need to go wipe up now. xo

  7. That is very touching and very well written. Unrelated, it seems my new pants I got for Christmas are tight all of a sudden.

  8. I bet someone had some nocturnal action after showing her hubs this poem :)
    Jazz is a lovely name for a kid, much better than grunge, folk or hip hop, Zeus forbid :)
    Off to find someone with a reptilian need :)

  9. This is a really nice poem, my dear. Very beautiful.

    It's funny how love just transforms itself after awhile. I don't have kids, but hubby and I are currently at a relaxed state where we can just be ourselves with no boundaries. I don't know if we'll ever have children though. One day at a time, right? Right.

  10. Look at you getting all poetic, very nicely done and now I think I better go take a cold shower. Bloody Hell, I just took one too..haha Guido should give that first guy the boot.

  11. It's wonderful to discover yet another layer of your being, my sister. Love you to the moon and back!

  12. I never knew that you were a writer of poetry before Anne but wow, this poem is actually amazing, the lyrics are incredibly beautiful, excellent stuff. What's up with this serious influx of hostile comments these days too, I mean who wastes their time on here saying that poetry, a beautiful way of expressing yourself, "sucks," haha, it's incredibly stupid. Great stuff anyway, this really was an excellent way of capturing something incredibly beautiful and important in your life. I love the name Jazz!

  13. Back when I actually tried my hand at poetry, something like this was what I aspired to achieve. I'm impressed by the lovely piece, Anne. Beautiful.

  14. @Mynx One day for me as well. Somewhere between the kids moving out and the arrival of grandchildren.

    @PunkChopsticks you'll do well in college. I've read your blog and you're brilliant.

    @Satia, I think that's a normal thing. The nature of love is that evolves into something else that can be richer and deeper.

  15. @AK I'm pleased to have been of service in that regard:)

    @Barfly your a randy bastard and I love ya.

    @Dez yes, we had rather a good shag after this. Hip-hop wish I'd thought of that, but now that she's older Zeus would have been approprite as she rules my life with an iron fist. Her nickname is The Spawn.

  16. @B we're comfortable shoes now and in some ways that's better. You find out how much someone really loves you when you can be yourself with them. My hubby can handle my moods and I can handle his. We're going the distance in this marriage.

    @Pat I was a bit nervous about posting this with all the master poets on blogger. You being one of them. Now hop in that shower cat.

    @Michelle thank you my adopted sister. I hope your enjoying your time in Georgia. Give my love to Topaz when you get home. Me and Toki send you love and nose bumps.

  17. @Mattew There are a lot more troll strolling going on. A lot of new blogs too and I think that may be where a lot of the negative shite is coming from on a lot of peoples pages. Guido is counting coup on this bastard. He's goin' into the Troll of Fame.

    @Angry coming from you, that means so much. And seeing your gorgeous mug on me page does my heart good. You remind me of home and I'm so happy that I found you on Blogger.

    @D4 thank you for the compliment. You've loads of talent. I've never known anyone as knowledgeable as you when it comes to music.

  18. wow. now you set me on my ear...this is beautiful poetry...def makes me want more...great depth of feeling to it...and i know the moment as well...nicely done...

  19. @Brian, I've been reading your poetry for a couple weeks and am pleased to recieve a comment from you. It's a wonderful thing to see that you've gathered a diverse group of poets together on Blogger.

    @Baur thank you.

    @InterwebsFails, thanks

  20. You nervous? That I can't believe, maybe you just needed another shot..haha But really though very well done. I'm a master loon and that's prob about it..haha

  21. Thanks so much! So are you lol. I love reading your blog ho ho's like a wonderful, crazy, awesome taste of ireland xD

  22. @Pat yes nervous. There's a plethora of talented poets on here that post daily and you're one of them. I could never do that.

    @PunkChopsticks I left a comment on your blog, did you see it? I enjoy reading you as well. Your experiences are a journey through another world that is not my own.

  23. Wow that poem is very good! I like how it flowed. Have you done anymore poems? If you have please post them! I definitly would like to read them!
    (also I think trolls appear more at christmas cause there snotty kids and have two weeks off at this time!)

  24. I have a cat named Jazz, by the way. Enjoyed reading your profile, and now I will try to find "The Girl Who Ate Pubes!"


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