Monday, October 3, 2011

It's great to be Irish

Yesterday Ireland creamed Italy in the RWC.  The words "It's great to be Irish" could be heard like a roar that rumbled around the globe, waking many unfortunate non-Irish people from an otherwise sound sleep. 

Within minutes of the win, the fight over who the proudest Irishman in the country began.  Now, I'm stating for the record here that we all agree that the title ultimately goes to the family members of the boys on our team.  I'm talking about the rest of the country. And from what I hear the competition is fierce.

Why my own nephew Arlen, has taken the crown in County Cork, being as he's the only man still standing and he has held every ounce of his drink without sicking up once.  The boy is built like a tank I'm tellin' ya. So don't mess with him.  The finals will be held in Dublin, for those who are still conscious  And it's going to be a tough win, with O'Driscoll being a Dublin boy. 

Now there's a seperate prize for those Irish who are standing on foreign soil.  And I'm claimin' the crown in the States here and now.  My cousin Margie in New York thought she had won it, but I told her she hadn't.  A Kiernan has never bested an O'Leary in the past and nothing has changed on that score.  "Margie" I told her, "Spray painting O'Driscoll on the back of all the Saints statues at your parish Church did nothing to help us win.  It just bought you a ticket to hell."   And before slamming the phone down in her ear I said this "I'm calling your mother Bridey next week to tell her what you've done and it's me that will be sitting next to her on the plane to New Zealand next week. So feck off."

Next week we're playing against Wales and it will be an epic battle and I'm already working on the win. I'm flying in a full batalion of nuns to do the Stations of the Cross every day at St. Elizabeths over here,  a high mass is being held on Wednesday and Friday, I'm praying a decade of Rosaries, I've got candles lit around the clock and I've paid the Pope an undisclosed amount of money to say a private mass for us.  You can't compete with me Margie so give it up.  When we win next week, the crown will be mine again.

It's a great day to be Irish and I'm feeling sorry for you if your not.

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  1. I tip my hat o the boys from the "Emerald Isle" but I must admit my pleasure for you is ultimately watered down with the sorrow I feel for my own wee land and our derisory performance in the competition.

  2. I'll not hear yer land called wee. Scotland is great, she always has been and she always will be. And she's the home of the finest men this side of heaven as I've been tellin' ya all along. And I'm puttin' something together for ya. So keep yer eyes on yer comment page Lad.

  3. Beautiful pictures.
    by the way, if you ever feel the need to decode or write in binary for any reason, check this out:

  4. Thank you for noticing the pictures Timothy. I'll check out the link. It may help be read your new blog.

  5. I lost my voice for a while, I'll just take the foreign mick living away title for the moment seeing as I'm really a Dublin boy.

  6. I'm so American, I had to google RWC to see what it was.

    I wish we had rugby here, but we're all a bunch of fat, lazy pussies. Unless they start allowing electric wheelchairs, this country's never going to get on board. :(

  7. Ah Angry, I made the wrong assumption. Your profile page lists your country as Ireland and your e-mail address reads UK, so I thought you were from up North. I mentioned this in a comment I made on your page once and you never corrected me. I meant you no harm Angry, I hope you know that.

  8. Well boys I've never heard of Dexter. I'll have to look on Youtube to see if I can find a sample of the show. I like the wheelchair idea, but I don't think it'll float.

  9. Thank you for setting my mind at ease Angry.

  10. Im not irish, but i have a "kiss me i'm irish" t shirt for deception purposes during st patricks day. I also have a green leprechaun hat, but i look pretty ridiculous wearing it. Do i win something? hahahaha Come on, that's the best i can do.
    Also, i don't think we are going to see an Argentina - Ireland match in the RWC. We are facing NZ in quarterfinals, so this is pretty much it for us.

  11. Rabbi, it's not over till the fat lady sings and she hasn't even taken the stage yet. I hope we do face each other. That would mean we beat Wales. Go Argentina!!!!

  12. I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through life not being Irish.

    (How did we end up thinking like this?? Because all of us do, and I can find no scientific explanation for it, which to me just proves that it IS in fact the most awesome thing in the world being Irish.)

    I shut myself in my room for a very long time after that Ireland v. Wales game. It killed a little piece of my soul.

  13. I know Mich, I was absolutely gutted. We needed this so bad for the young people who are struggling with the economy and the future. The good thing that came out of it for me is that my daughter has finally agreed to spend a year in Connemara learning the language. She struggles with the American side of herself and feels less Irish because if it. But we can be feckin' snobs. But we're the best feckin' people on the planet, so it's our right.


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