Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shooting People

I know what yer thinkin' "Holy Christ, what's she done now? We knew she'd gone mad when she started postin' tits, but shooting people? Well that's just a bit too much."  Settle down ya bastards. I've been gone two days and in Bloggerland that's a helluva long time, so I needed something to get your attention. And you're here, so you might as well stick around to find out what I'm on about. 

What I'm on about is what the title says.....

Shooting people, but with a camera. NOT with a gun.  And I'm not talking about when they're posing. I'm talking about catching them unawares, in their own special niches, acting natural.  All of which involves a bit of skulking about till they forget you're there and oftentimes charm to prevent a severe ass-kicking when caught by one of 'em.

Now this is a biggun' here and he's ridin' a Harley.  Without considerable amounts of charm, I'd of been toast when he saw me taking the photo.  But he was nice and after showing him just how fabulous he looks on his bike, he agreed to let me use his picture. 

Gas stations are easy places to go to shoot photo's of people behaving as people do.  But one day I decided to go out hunting big game. 

So I went to a carnival in search of the always wary and often dangerous carney.  Carney's tend to have a heightened sense of awareness in regards to what is going on around them making it alsmost impossible to sneak up on 'em.

And some of 'em have spent time behind bars and can be dangerous if provoked.  So you want to shoot 'em from a distance, with a clear path of escape in mind.  They also tend to travel in pairs, with one standing sentinal for the other, making the challenge even greater. 

I popped off a lucky shot of this lad here before he spotted me. But I wanted to get a clear shot of his face, to see what life had done with him.  So I sought high ground across the street.

I could see two things from this photo. The first being that life had done some hard things to this lad.  Second, he was signalling to someone else on the street below.

It was this bloke on the street to the right of him.  I don't know what the signal meant, I only know the two of 'em worked the carnival together.

Night shooting of these folks is even more dangerous. If caught by the wrong person, you're likely to wind up hurting in an alley with no one the wiser.  See the gent in the back of the tent.  He's looking directly at me.  I was a good distance away and he still spotted me. 

He came over and asked me if I'd ever known a fifty-five year old man to be this limber. And then told me what he'd done with his life and why he didn't care a bit if I used his photo for this blog. He was a hoot.

Then he went back to his booth and worked some magic to make a sale.

It was a fun day for me. I got a great deal of shots of carney's, but not many would agree to allow me to post their photographs.  But at least none of 'em threatened to kick the shit out of me. 

All of the people pictured above agreed to have their photo's posted.

Also, when I use the term "shoot" I mean "take a picture". This is being made crystal clear because I on't have the kind of money that the boys of Judas Priest have.

One last thing before I go,,,,,

Michelle, Toki says prrrrrrrrrrr.  She's learning to play guitar and planning on taking up drums next.

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source traced directly to my camera. Copy, crop, paste and I'll take a photo of you in the shower "acting naturally"

Go ahead and comment. It's open season on this blog.


  1. Great pics and the job to get them, nice pussy shot.

  2. So glad that Toki is interested in music. Soon she'll be a one-cat band ;-)! Much love to the two of you.

  3. Jeeze a bit freaked out by the night shooting!

  4. Those were some amazing photos. I share your feeling that true photos are the one taken in each person's "natural habitat" if i may call it like that. At least that's what i keep saying to my GF when she asks me to smile and pose for a pic. I say...woman, you are taking away my mojo. You have to portrait me doing my regular stuff, like national geographic hahahah

  5. This one's for the big lad at the top of the page. You're more than a comment or a number to me, you're Irish and you've a great gorgeous face and I'm pleased to see it on my page. The pussy shot was easy. She's sitting in my lap right now and I'm pettin' her. She's purring.

  6. Thank you Michelle, you're kindness means a great deal to me. Toki is a music fan, she likes blues, R&B, gospel and rock. Right now, she's wishin' she had opposable thumbs.

  7. Hello copyboy. nightshooting can be dangerous. I take the precaution of letting the local constabulary know what I'm doing and they tend to look out for me.

  8. Thanks Rabbi. I'll be looking for a photo of yer dangly bits on the cover of my next National Geographic.

  9. Those are some great pictures. You know, it also helps that you're an attractive woman. I, as a guy, could probably not just walk up to Mr. Harley Biker and say, hey friend, I'm taking your picture, what do you think!

    He'd tell me, get out of here you crazy homo.

  10. these are great! I really like the guy behind bars. that stash is awesome

  11. You're right boys, he'd have cleaned your clocck. Being of the female persuasion has it's advantages in tricky situations like this.

  12. I love the stash on that guy too Timothy. I don't know why facial hair on men has gone out of vogue. Personally, I like it.


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