Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ms. Aretha Franklin

Amid rumours of pancreatic cancer (which she denies) at age 69 Ms. Aretha Franklin is still singing, touring and being her most fabulous self.  Yesterday at the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition, Aretha did something amazing.  During the competition, Ms. Franklin had her manager approach pianist Kris Bowers during a break in the competition. Aretha was impressed with his talent and hired him on the spot to be her new pianist.  The lad had not yet won the competition when she made him the offer.  Kris Bowers, a Julliard master pianist, did go on to win the competition. It was a good day for Kris Bowers. 

I can't pick a favorite song by Ms. Franklin, so I whittled it down to one.  "A Bridge Over Troubled Water"  Some things still weigh heavy on my heart.

And if you're not in too big a hurry today. Just sit a spell and listen.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone.


  1. Excellent choice of song! Aretha is my girl and this is one of my favorites. You need to get Toki a Hammond organ so she can play this :-).

  2. I hope she is fine. Pancreatic cancer is the worst kind of cancer :(
    She is only 69, it's too early for her to leave.

  3. Michelle, seeing Aretha perform live is on my bucket list. Have you seen the video of when she stepped in at the last minute for Pavarotti at the Grammy's? I'll put the link on Twitter.

  4. According to Aretha herself, the rumours are just rumours. She had surgery recently and states that it was routine and nothing to worry about. I'm not ready for her to go either Rabbi.

  5. Anne, I actually watched that Grammy's show. It was one of the last ones I watched because the Grammy's are shite now. She did a fabulous job, which proves she can do it all :-).

  6. You're right Michelle the Grammy's have gone to hell in a handbasket. Wouldn't watch 'em if ya paid me.


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