Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Message From Toki

After a hard day of blogging, Toki and I like to relax and become reader's of blogs.

Toki and I don't follow blogs, we read them/  After all that's what all of us in Bloggerland want. We want to be read.   Some of the blogs that Toki and I follow and read, do not follow us, and probably never will.  That's okay because we enjoy those blogs and know that we are not everyone's cuppa. 

Today, we'd like to tell you about two of the blogs we read every night before we go off to dreamland.  One of those blogs is done by a gent by the name of  Timothy Bowen aka The Lunatic Pope over at  Timothy is a man of many talents and interests.  In fact, he's got his hands into so many pies, I can barely keep up with him . And he do so love some K-pop.  He's a serious blogger dude. 

The oher blog we enjoy reading is done by a Hassidic Plumber from Brooklyn whom I refer to as "Rabbi"  You can find that particular gent over at  Now, the Rabbi keeps his earlocks to the ground, and if there's a strange story out there, he knows about it.  He's my go-to guy for stories to tell my friends every day. I almost/ always give the Rabbi credit when I pass these stories along.

You might be asking "Why in the hell is she going on about these two/"  and I would answer "Because individually they're funny.  Together, they're blow-pop-out-your nose funny."  Right now these two bearded bastards (term of endearment) are having a Haiku battle.  As they both sport fantabulous beards, we, their readers, are calling it "The Battle of the Beards" 

Round One of the Haiku Battle has just ended.  You can go read The Lunatic Popes Haiku's at  Pack a lunch, because he wrote a lot of Haiku's.  Like I said, he's a talented bastard.

The Hasidic Plumber's Haiku's can be read at  The Rabbi pulled out all the stops on his entries.  But is it enough to beat The Lunatic Pope?

That's the question we're all waiting to be answered. 

So get on over to read those two boys blogs.  Laughs guaranteed. 

Me and Toki, we gotta go vote.



  1. Those two are retarded freaks you shouldn't be following or reading. Please stop talking about them, they are stupid, mean and when i showed their haikus to my cat, he cried. So yeah...F those guys.

    Oh wait...that's me hmmm yeah move along guys, lets pretend i didn't write that ok?

  2. And thanks for the shout out!! i hope you liked what i did with your suggested topic "vomit" hahahah

  3. Ah, two of my personal favorites you just mentioned there. And some serious haiku skills.

  4. Rabbi, I loved the vomit Haiku. And I love yer earlocks. Grow 'em long, and stay away from pork products

  5. You're right boys. Those 2 bearded bastards are worth a read. As for your page.....
    I look forward every Monday and Thursday to see what you two have come up with. You keep the quality high and the rest of us on our toes,

  6. You're most welcome Timothy. When I honor your country on Friday, I'll be mentioning you again.


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