Thursday, September 1, 2011

Me and Toki hoofin' it fer the dogs

First off, me and Toki would like to thank those of you who left comments on our blog yesterday. Me little shoulder-monkey is sittin' here just a purrin' away at all of ya.  It meant a lot to us after the hard day we just put in.

What's going on is this. Toki and me are working on a three day series of blogs.  For every blog that is written that mentions PEDIGREE Foundation   20 pounds of dog food will be donated to a dog shelter.  If you didn't read our blog yesterday, please do so now.

Toki and me got up early and left our shitbag/ luxurious motel and headed West on Interstate 40 to the nearest town.

After driving a ways past some gorgeous farmland, we came to town and asked directions to the local park. 

Upon entering the park, this was the first thing we saw.  A dried-up river bed.  It seems this area has been experiencing a drought for two years.  I was about to give up, but Toki would have none of it.  Just then, we heard the sound of voices coming towards us.

These four lasses came traipsin' down the river bed laughing and making merry.  After introducing ourselves and explaining what we were doing, one of the girls rung her mum on the mobile.  "Mom, there's this photographer lady here in the park and she wants to take pictures...."  Christ on a crutch, but Toki and me were imaganing the worst. Police arrestin' us fer takin' pictures of children in a park.  We were wrong, these people were wonderful.  They invited me and Toki to their home to take a picture of their dog.

Now this is the part where ya just might get a little pissed off.  In today's blog, we're featuring pictures of the pet owners only.  You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see the owners paired with their animals.  'Twas Toki's idea (told ya she was fierce). 

Afterwards, me and Toki parked on a side street and began walking.  We saw this lad up in the distance lookin' like the weight of the world was on his shoulders.  In the yard beside him was a dog, so we made our introductions.  After takin' some pictures, the lad loosened up and told us some of his sorrows.  I won't share 'em here, but me and Toki like to think he felt a little better after we spent time just listening to him.

After walkin' a few blocks we came upon this lovely gent.  He was a rare find, he was.  Showed us the house he was born in (and I mean born in, no hospital's back then) and introduced us to his son.  The pictures that go with this gent and his son tomorrow were worth every blister on me feet.  I want to show 'em to ya real bad now, but Toki has put her paw down. 

All that talking was thirsty work, so Toki and I took a lunch break.  Now Toki is a fierce carnivore as I've been tryin' ta tell ya.  She likes her meat raw, she does.  I had a burger and Toki had Kitty chow.

After checking me makeup in the mirror, I pronounced myself fit ta travel and Toki and I headed East.

We drove to a small city nearby and when Toki saw these murals out the window, she ordered me to pull over.  This was the neighborhood she wanted to investigate.

We came upon this lass, walking her dog within blocks of this mural.  She's a beautiful girl and the camera loved her.  The lass wants to be an artist, she does.  She showed us some of her artwork, then took us to meet someone special....

The artist that had painted the mural we parked our car beside was out painting another one.  We were introduced all around and we asked the artist if she had any pets.  It turned out she didn't.  But she took us to some places where some dogs are kept outdoors while the owners work.  Those pictures are somewhat sad, but we'll be posting them.  Toki insisted on it.

A little ways down the road and we saw this splendid woman and her little dog sittin' outside.  I'll tell ya this much, the dog is a miniature Yorki, and will remind you in some ways of Toki herself.

We came upon this merry band as the sun was well past it's zenith.  I'm sayin' this, 'twasn't tea in those cups.  Well, these folks have a great lot o' dogs and we photographed 'em all.  Toki and I were offered grilled chicken, and we accepted the offer and chatted with these boys and their families. 


After determining which one the gents pictured above had consumed the least amount of "tea", I handed him the camera and he took this photo for you all. 

After takin' care of business, Toki and me drifted off to sleep. 

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source traced directly to my camera. Copy, crop, paste and I'll send Betty White out after ya.  She's fiercer than Toki she is.

Thanks to all of you who visited my blog yesterday. 


  1. I think I'm developing a crush on Toki.

  2. I like you more and more with each blog entry, Anne. Glad you've got Toki guiding you. She seems to be a cat who's overflowing with wisdom.

  3. Well, Satia, Toki loves you right back. 'Twas you that alerted her to the plight of the dogs. Toki knows what it's like to be hungry and unwanted and she's pleased to be helpn out.

  4. Michelle, now ya know I'm a fan o' your's and have been for some time. I'll be payin' you a visit here shortly.
    I'll be there before you go on your vacation!!!


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