Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodnight and God Bless

You may recall that a friend of mine passed away recently.  At that time, I was unable to put words to what I was feeling.  My friend, Chris, took his own life.  I have spent time looking at pictures of us all when we were young.  Our eyes held no knowledge of the difficulties that would pave the road ahead.  We believed in so many things; Truth, Honor, Justice, Beauty.  The loss of those ideals combined with the harsh realities of his world were more than Chris could bear and he made a choice that was both terrible and irrevocable.  Those of us who are left behind remain sad, confused and sometimes angry.

My memories of Chris are those shared by musicians.  Writing, playing, living in squalor, setting up and tearing down.  Unable to attend the funeral, a collection of photographs taken during happier times were sent to his mother.  A new song was composed.  The song was written and recorded on the same day.  The recording was made on the second take in a small room with only two people present.  Myself and a man who goes by the initials KJR and it was he who wrote the song.  Me, I'm on drums.  Upon playback, I realized that what had been written was a Lullaby.   

The guitar solo is there for a reason. Chris was a guitar player.  I had no time to think about where to put accents on the bell nor when to shimmer my cymbals.  This recording is as raw as the feelings that inspired it.  All artwork is original and was done by me.

You are welcome to leave comments, however the comments on this post will be moderated.  I will be busy on Thursday and may not have time to look at them until Friday. Take no offence.

And for my friend, Goodnight and God Bless



  1. I tip my hat to you honey! The pain when a loss comes particularly in this manner leaves as you say pain and confusion.

    I lost 2 friends who felt upon their arrival in "civvy" life they could not cope. I felt real anger towards them and felt "let down".

    I hope your lullaby brings you some closure and at least try to keep the memories of the good times.

    The pain will pass.

  2. It's simply a great homage (i don't know if that's the correct word). Your friend would be extremely flatterded and i'm sure he heard it wherever he is. Nicely done, seriously.

  3. A great tribute, perfect for a musician. I can tell the music is raw, and that's a great touch. Condolences for your friend. Keep your head up.


  4. Thank you Rabbi. I'd like to think he's playing in a place where the equipment never malfuntions and it never rains when playing at an outdoor venue.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to stop and pay respect Angry.

  6. And to you me Lad. I almost didn't include the manner of my friends death. Something told me to go ahead and write it. That same something told me it would be you who would have the words I needed to hear. Thank you so much. Your words have been of great help.

  7. It's always awful to loose a loved one. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.


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