Monday, September 5, 2011

Craig, ya owe me a fiver

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, every now and then you'll hear me talking to Craig Ferguson. 

I'll say "Craig, ya owe me a fiver." or  "You owe me a fiver ya bastard."  Now ya might be wondering "Why the hell does Craig owe Anne a fiver?"

In my younger days, I did a bit o' pub crawlin'.  Mainly with my best chum Sandy.  Now Sandy and I could play darts.  Workin' as a team we rarely lost.   Most of the time, the blokes would pay up if we had a bit o' dosh ridin' on the game.  But not this one bloke......

That one bloke looked a lot like Craig Ferguson. And he never paid up.

My husband keeps telling me "Christ woman, get over it, it was only a fiver and it probably wasn't Craig Ferguson anyway."

And if you think I'm listening to him, well, your about as thick as this piece o' wood here.

It's still buzzin' around in my head.  So I'll say it again,  "Craig, ya owe me a fiver, ya bastard"

The first three photographs were taken from the internet.  The last three are mine.

Those three photographs have my signature embedded and are source located to my camera.  Copy, crop, paste and you'll here my attorney sayin' "Ya owe Anne a fiver ya bastard."



  1. Craig is by far my favorite late night talk host. He's awesome. I love the skeleton Geoff. I hope he pays you back someday. He seems like a stand up guy.

  2. I'm fond of Craig too Timothy. But he still owes me a fiver.

  3. Just a fiver? You're generous. I would have charged interest. Judging by him having a TV show, I'd say he's good for it.

  4. I don't know who that fella is, but if by chance i get to see him, i will bite his nose off and when he asks why...i will tell him, because you own Anne a fiver you prick.

  5. You're right boy's I'm being generous. Next week I'll tell him he owes me a teener

  6. I don't get Craig's show on the telly at home either Rabbi. I watch him on Youtube, that't how I tracked him down. Tell him it's a tenner now.

  7. Craig owes you a fiver, too?! He owes me one for beating him at arm wrestling ;-).

  8. Ah the bastard, we'll get him Michelle.


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