Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not My Cross To Bear

When I just don't have time for anything, there's going to be music. This particular song will have some bearing on what I post tomorrow, so keep that in mind.

"Not My Cross To Bear" from The Allman Brothers Band (album)

Released: 1969 by Alco Records
Producer:  Adrian Barber

Duane Allman:  slide guitar and lead guitar
Gregg Allman:  vocals and organ
Dickey Betts:  lead guitar
Berry Oakley:  bass guitar, backing vocals
Butch Trucks:  drums
Jal Johanny "Jalmoe" Johanson:  drums, congas

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  1. Wow! I cried during the last chapter because I realized with a little help from God there is hope for us all. I recommend this book to Allman Brothers fans, as well as anyone trying to overcome addiction. It is a wonderful story of redemption and hope. Thank you Greggory for writing one of the best books I have ever read. Also, I plan to visit the Big House in Macon as soon as possible.


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