Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet me bullmastiff Toki

This is it, today's the day I reveal the identity of me bullmastiff Toki. The same Toki I'm always threatening people with if they copy, crop and paste my photographs.  "Now why would ya want ta be doin' that?" ya might ask.  "It's fer a good cause" I would answer.  "It's to provide food fer dogs in shelters with no one to love or care for 'em"

It goes something like this.  Write a post mentioning PEDIGREE Foundation by midnight EST September 3rd and 20 pounds of dogfood will be donated to a shelter. 

Now I can't be taking credit here.  I learned about this from a lovely blogger by the name of Satia at Satia's Journal  For complete details visit Satia's page. (She's listed in me Blogs Around the World over to the right, plain as day. Click on it)

Now on to me bullmastiff Toki.

Now, ya might be noticin' that I lied/exagerated about a few things concerning Toki.

Strictly speaking, Toki's not a dog.  It it's hairs yer splittin' Toki ain't a bullmastiff either. But that's just being picky.

One other minor issue. Toki ain't a he. She's a she.  So ya see, I only stretched the truth a wee bit. If ya squint yer eyes and look sideways, you'll see a bullmastiff sittin' here in this basket.  (If ya drink a keg of Guinness you'll see ten of 'em).

This is what I'm going to do.  I'm travelling abroad and I'm in a place where I don't know anyone at all.  After driving around a bit, I'll park the car, grab my camera and start hoofin' it.  I'm going to walk the streets, talk to people, explain what I'm doing and ask if I can photograph their pets and post said photo's on this blog over the next two days.

I'll be takin' Toki with me.

Toki found me a few weeks ago when I was visiting a friend in the States.  Toki had been put out too young and had to be bottle fed for a week.  She eats solids now and spends most of her time perched up on my shoulder purrin' the day away. I've taken to callin' her me shoulder-monkey.  And yes, I can bring her home to Ireland as long as I follow the proper procedures.

I'm hopin' to come out of this thing with a great lot o' photos and no broken teeth.  Either way, I'll be givin' the blame/credit to Satia for how all this turns out.

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source traceable to my camera.  Copy, crop, paste and I'll send me bullmastiff Toki to tear out yer heart.  She's fierce, she is.


  1. You know, there's nothing more dangerous than kitty cuteness. So many people have died from cuteness, the numbers are staggering. I know you've probably never heard of it but I am sure you can't deny that your Toki has never done something so adorable you nearly keeled over from the cuteness.

    I tell you, they're a menace. My Siberian huskies are downright bullies with their cuteness.

  2. Me Toki is vicious, not a cute bone in her wee body. Me dogs at home on the other hand, can slay a man at 50 paces just by licking their arses. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

  3. I once had a cousin who thought he was an attack dog, as well. He was nowhere near as cuddly, but at least he's comfy in that padded cell of his.

  4. Toki is the true embodiment of all that is vicious and bloodthirsty. I love her!

  5. I may have met yer cousin boys. 'Twas at a party one night, up in the mountains somewhere. This bloke was runnin' around buck naked, crazy and barkin' his head off. I asked "What in Christ's name is wrong with him?" They laughed and said "Well, he was drinkin' a beer in the shower, fell and smacked his head on the tiles. Never been the same since."

    It's lovely ta hear from ya boy's

  6. Michelle, 'tis wonderful ta hear from ya it is. Toki thanks you from the bottom of her fierce feline heart fer recognizing her true nature. She's raisin' her paw to ya know.

  7. I used to have a cat named Toki Wartooth, like the character from metalocalypse. I love that show.
    Anyway, your kitteh is very cute. I like kittehs. :)


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