Friday, August 26, 2011

Irish Takeaway - 1

As most of you denizens of Twitterland know, I'm away from home.  And some of you also know that when I'm away from home I tend to get a bit of a temper about me, so you don't hear from me as much. 

I'm puttin' together a little series called Irish Takeaway. They'll be short, funny and sarcastic bits about how the Irish are perceived in different countries, the kind of reactions I get from people when I open me mouth and out comes a brogue and I'll even admit to some of me own prejudices as I go along. These will appear in odd places here and there over the next month that I'm away.

Oh and I've been snarky of late, and I'm knowin' it.  The title of the first Irish Takeaway may explain a bit about that.  I call it....

Missin' Home

I'm missin' the field outside me house.

I'm missin' the lane that leads to me driveway.

I'm missin' me garden.

I'm missin' these two terrors.

I'm missin' me boyo.

I'm missin' the heart of me heart.

And when the wee ones ask me what it's like to go abroad, I want to answer "Singular"  "Alone"

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source located to my camera. Copy, crop, paste and they'll be missin' you at home.

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