Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anybody seen me knickers?

Yesterday, after putting my Friday blog to bed, a strange thing occurred.  A great mass o' hits started showin' up on me page all at once.  In the space of two minutes 25 showed up simultaneously. Then another 20 hits.  It could only mean one thing for a little bit o' blog like mine.....

Trolls.  The stench of 'em grew thick in me nostrils as the numbers grew ever larger.

So I circled me horses, switched my comments to "After Moderation Only" and manned me stat's page.

They were comin' in fast,  they were comin' from the West and they were all comin' in on Windows.  In the space of 15 minutes 95 of 'em had hit me page. 

Now why ya might ask didn't I think these folks were just comin' in to visit me blog?  Well, I'm Irish, I'd answer.  And the last time we believed that a great lot o' foreigners was just comin' to enjoy the scenery....

We wound up six counties shy of a country.

After it was all over 107 of 'em had swarmed me blog.  It withstood the siege with 'nary a comment from a troll.  However, one thing went missin' from me blog.  'Twas a pair of me knickers, it was.  Gone from me blog so quick I didn't catch sight o' the thief.  My favorite pair, had 'em embroidered special.  If you come across 'em.....

Just turn 'em in at the office.  One of me lad's will see that they get back to me.

And if ya came ta visit me blog yesterday. I'm saying thank you.

The picture of the trolls is not one of mine.  It came from the internet.

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source tracead directly to my camera. Copy, crop, paste and me and the lad's will come after ya on horseback.


  1. Hahahaha . . . I moderate all of my comments. Always have and always will. Sure you lose some of the immediacy that is typical of the internet but just because it's typical doesn't mean it's necessary.

    I hope you find your knickers.

  2. I can actually hear the brogue in your writing. And that's why you didn't get my last comment; I was part of the invading horde. BUY VIAGRA NOW!!!

    Actually, it was just because, unlike my slothful blog counterpart Bryan, I have a job, and tend to take care of my half of return comments a little late. Thanks for stopping by. You've both wit and a nice profile photo:)


  3. Thank you Satia. Your comment is greatly appreciated. As fer me knickers, if I get 'em back, I just hope they're not "sticky"
    P.S. Fellow tweeters. Get yer arses over to Satia's page. She's a lovely person and has great taste in music.

  4. Well fer fucks sake Brandon, had I known a comment on yer page would result in such a thing, I'd of done it long ago. Christ, but ya scared the piss outta me. And I'm lovin' yer blog. Read it, I did. On December 26th, 2010 you cranked up Led Zeppelin and at the end of January 2011, you visited yer fiance at work. And tell Bryan to stop scratchin' himself and do his share of the work.
    I'm raising me glass to they boyo's at "A Beer for the Shower"


  5. are frikkin Hilarious!!! Thanks for the belly laugh before bed. And for your always sweeter than sweets comments on my blog. I have been meaning to visit for awhile now. Its been a busy summer. Nice to meet you and I will be back. Be off with ya Trolls...they harass me too..that is why I had no choice to turn to moderation. I dunno how they come a floodings but they do.
    take er easy...Kathleen

  6. Thank you so much for the comment. Your's is one of the first pages I found when I came to blogger and have followed you ever since. I always come away with a smile, a laugh or an ooooohh that sooo cute feeling. I'm lovin' yer blog, I am.



  7. be careful of those trolls. they can be tricksy and false


Comments may or may not be mediated due to the activities of a troll.

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