Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Little Green Man And His Flying Machine & A Giveaway!

For the past several months I have been consumed with Sci-Fi Pulp. After two and a half years painting, I have found my true love.  So much so that I am learning the history of Pulp Fiction and am reading anthologies of works by some of the greats in the genre.

As I have been working mainly in muted palettes, I felt like returning to the use of vibrant colours in this little vignette. The bot is from Counterblast Miniatures, was sculpted by Patrick Keith and is about 15mm.  The space ship is from Hydra Miniatures, was sculpted by Steve Meli and is about 25mm.

A Brief History of Pulp
Part 1

Published in October of 1896 by Frank Munsey, Argosy is recognized as the first of the true Pulp magazines. In order to keep publishing costs down, it was printed using paper made of cheap wood pulp, a fact that earned the genre its name. To further reduce costs, unknown writers willing to work for a pittance were hired. While the slick magazines of the time sold for fifty cents, Pulp magazines cost a mere dime.

The Pulps were designed to capture the imagination of a broad audience. Stories were serialized and the endings were cliff hangers, making readers anxious to purchase the next issue. The stories were action driven and fast paced.Stories of hard boiled detectives, wild westerns, travel to exotic locations, men who rode the rails and science fiction were staples in the Pulps.

The future of Pulp was secured by when Munsey published the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs in  All Story in 1912.  In June of 1912, "Under the Moons of Mars" was published and in October of the same year "Tarzan of the Apes" was published. So popular was  "Tarzan of the Apes" it spawned a wave of new magazines, which would culminate in the Golden Era of Pulp.

Made you scroll to the bottom of the page for the giveaway didn't I?  Well it seems that Edwin over at Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist is having a giveaway to celebrate his blogs  He's got some great stuff on offer, so don't wait, get on over there!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Counterblast Rocket Rider

As part of the Sci-Fi Challenge at Reaper Miniatures Forum, I recently painted a Rocket Rider from Counterblast. Cast in resin and sculpted by Patrick Keith, the detail is crisp and the lines are gorgeous.

The palette I chose was inspired by the work of historical gamers/painters whose work I have been following for all these years.  Now I quite fancy these greens, tans and browns and anticipate using them more often in future work.

Clean and tidy brushwork was my goal with this model. Further I wanted a simple base that contrasted with the figure but did not draw attention from it. I hope I have accomplished this modest goal.

I will be a bit late making the rounds today as I stayed up rather late working on a small dio for the Challenge. In short, I'll be by when I roll out of bed this afternoon.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

O'Leary Announces Blogs Birthday

Three years ago I began this little bit o' blog. Over the course of the last three years I have met so many kind people and have found a hobby that means the world to me.

My Kitty Fang. Isn't she gorgeous.

It was to be over three months before I received my first comment and it was to be several more months before I got my second comment. Undaunted I continued to post the most inane things hoping someone out there would notice me. Eventually they did.

I saw a widget over at Loki's Great Hall that listed his top commenters and as it is my blog birthday I was curious to see how mine would look.  It is up in my right sidebar.  I would like to say something special to those top three people.

Dez-You are my ray of sunshine on my cloudy days.

Pat-Feck off you Arse Licking Cat.

Ray-Who knew that the man I've insulted the most had so much to say to me. Thanks ya little Weasel!

Further I'd like to say Thanks to all of you who have tolerated my shenanigans over the last three years. You most certainly have made my world a better place.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Belladonna 54mm W.I.P.

Normally I do not post W.I.P.'s . However as this is my first 54mm figure and I felt I could use some input from my fellow painters in order to fine tune the work.

She is from Reaper Miniatures and was sculpted by James Van Schaik.

The chief difference I found between a 54mm and a 25mm is in the photography.  In order to get the entire figure in frame, I had to shoot the mini from a greater difference than normal. What I found is that the highlights have to be pushed much higher to gain sufficient contrast. She is going to stand on a very large base, so the final pictures will be shot farther from even farther away.

There are several things that I believe need worked on in order to bring her up to snuff. The highlighting on the skin needs to come up. The lining between the face and the hair needs to be stronger. The shading on her trousers needs to be deeper. Contrast on her boots really needs ratcheting up.I am trying to paint her hair as a strawberry blonde. Some of that shows on the back, but very little on the front. Clearly I need to strengthen the red undertones.

Any input regarding the need for further improvements would be greatly appreciated.

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