Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Studies in Brown

Previously I have discussed my desire to break away from my usual bright colours and explore different, more subdued palettes. To that end I chose to do a series of figures using only brown and to further limit that to only three shades.

32mm sculpt from Hell Dorado

32mm sculpt from Hell Dorado

32mm sculpt from Bombshell Babes

28mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures

The browns I used were from Reaper and are as follows: Chestnut Gold, Palamino Gold and Buckskin Pale. All three browns have a yellow and orange bias.  For belts and accessories I used Reaper Ruddy Brown. Painting with such a limited palette forced me to focus on brush control and to focus on contrast to gain separation between areas.  

Recently I have been going for a more stripped down look with my basing. I'd fallen into the habit of basing for display purposes, which can sometimes detract from the miniature. With the exception of the Reaper Figure, I sculpted all the bases myself.  

Currently I have 5 figures on the painting table and four of them require the use of vivid palettes, so I am not going to be giving up my colour on a permanent basis. Rather I am attempting to become a more versatile painter. And to further that end, I hope to begin work on a "Shocking Secret Project" sometime within the next two weeks.  This project is so unlike anything I've ever done before, even I am shocked by my desire to undertake it. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A New Direction

After the rush of the Analogue Painting Challenge, I enjoyed some lazy painting time. Just pushing a bit of paint around on a figure here and there until I managed to actually complete something.  Further, as a result of the Challenge I've decided to make a few changes in the type of sculpts I paint and in the palettes I use.

First up is Baron Simone LeCroix, Voodoo Master, a 28mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures.  I carved the base using Super Sculpey.

This is about as subdued a palette as one can get. A complete departure from my normal high voltage colour. The base is colourful because the design is appropriate for the subject and serves as a contrast to the figure.

This next figure is Enda, the Crazy Cat Lady. Another 28mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures. I also sculpted this base from Super Sculpey.

Yes, it's Pat, the Arse Licking Cat

My vision of Edna was of an old lady who smokes 3 packs of unfiltered Camels a day and drinks copious amounts of gin straight up.  In order to convey this, I painted her skin in a greenish-grey pallor, which I echoed in the drab green of  her skirt and in the grey on the linoleum floor.

In an effort to explore new areas in painting, I have been restocking the lead pile with Pulp Noir, Pulp Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Survivors and I've just bought my first Zombie.  The Pulp Sci-Fi will be done in bright Pulp Era colours and the some of the Steampunk will be bright.  With the other figures, I intend to work with more subdued and desaturated palettes.

Everyone have a fabulous day and if you can't do that, knock back a pint or two and tell yourself "life is good, life is good" until you believe it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Painting in Greyscale

I wan't planning on posting again until after the Painting Challenge is over because I simply do not have the free time. And then my friend Elsie asked me if I would post some of my work for the Challenge and I was so touched by the request I decided to make time.

For those of you who have seen this on Curt's page, please notice that these are different pictures. I reshot the work against a neutral grey background. The sepia that you see is a result of the lighting. I do not know how to set the white balance on my camera, but one day I must learn. Also, I have included some close up shots of the work on the base.

I am aware that there are many shortcomings to this work. However, I have been painting for less than two years and this is my first attempt at a technique this advanced. So despite its problems, I am pleased with how this turned out.  

Things are finally returning to normal here and we have running water and a commode that flushes. I have 11 figures still on the painting table. Only one of those is for The Last Stand. The remainder will be done as normal submissions so that finally I can feel as if I have fully participated in this years Challenge.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Evil Warrior vs The Unconcerned Kitten!

I've begun an exploration into painting weathered metals so this is very new to me. Also I rarely paint aggressive manly man figures preferring to express my feminine side when painting miniatures.

I've seen this figure painted many times, but I've never seen anyone do it with a kitten. This gives a common figure my own personal touch.

I am beginning to work in earnest on my freehand painting. I did this skeleton head on the shield as I felt it would compliment the heads on his clothes.

This is a 28mm heroic scale BONES figure from Reaper Miniatures.

What I like most about doing weathered metals is that in order to do them correctly you must be sloppy when building up the layers. And that set me free. Normally I spend a great deal of time trying to neatly build up 5-7 thin layers to get depth of colour and try very hard to keep things neat and tidy.

This is the second post in one week from me and I feel terribly guilty for asking people to visit my blog again so soon. But to offset this I won't be posting for another two weeks as we finally have running water again and I will be busy getting the house back in order. Also I am going to be doing a rather large diorama for my Heroes entry and I am already a little behind on it. My Vehicle entry is done except for basing and fine tuning my highlights.

Please understand if I am not in to comment next week.

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